• Tuesday 13 August 2019

    Why We are Among the Best to Create Your Business Plan (For Canada Entrepreneur Visa)

    The Start-Up Visa or Entrepreneur Visa has enabled many dynamic investors and entrepreneurs to come to Canada and set up their business. More than 132 innovative entrepreneurs have used the visa to make Canada more competitive on the international map and create employment.

    Entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the Entrepreneur Visa should fulfill some prerequisites. One of them is to have a foolproof business plan for pitching your business idea. Without going into details of investor visa, we are limiting our post for business plan writing only.

    You Need a Solid Business Plan
    To be eligible for the Entrepreneur Visa, you should have support from an angel investor group, Canadian venture capital fund, or business incubator designated by the government. So the first step to getting your visa is to convince the specific party that your business is worth investing in. And you definitely need a business plan and concept to woo them!

    Maroof HS has helped entrepreneurs develop their business plan and get approval for required funds. You can trust us to create a fitting business plan that will help you in your visa process and establish your business in Canada. We also help investors for United States and United Kingdom.

    N.B.: We are not immigrant consultants, therefore, this is not an immigration advice. We work with multiple consultants to create tailored business plans for clients based on their unique needs and circumstances.

    Why Should You Choose Us?
    We are a leading business consultancy firm, run by an Ontario CPA, CA and United States CPA,  helping businesses and entrepreneurs meet their goals. Let us be your partner, helping you full-scale business plans required for Entrepreneur Visa.

    Here's a brief look at the factors that make us your ideal partner-

    Years of Experience
    We have been in business for so many years that we know what works and what doesn't! Our firm has a growing list of happy clients who have rewarded us with five-star ratings and reviews. Our business plans have high approval rates from investors and enable you to launch your business successfully.

    N.B.: Please be mindful that we only assist you in creating business plans after discussion with you and your consultant and don't provide immigration consultation service.

    Extensive Knowledge of Market
    We have a strong knowledge of both the Canadian and US markets. We are known for quality research, virtually in any industry. Our team has worked with multiple industries and knows how to write a business plan that excels. We create comprehensive business plans which are meant to work out and bring positive results and growth.

    Best Turnaround Times
    We deliver in record times so that you don't have to wait for pitching your business idea. We always guarantee quick turnaround times, which is one of the best in the whole industry.

    Professional Guidance
    Our team is always by your side through every step of the process. You can always expect sound professional guidance and actionable insights from our end. Together, we can create a quality business plan that gets accepted by your supporting groups or fund.

    We Help You Write Your Success Story
    We have created countless business plans for markets like Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Our team has the best visionaries and professionals who can create a suitable business plan tailored to your needs. Contact us today to help you create the best business plan with high chances of success.

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