• Tuesday 20 August 2019

    Which children's pediatric centre can be said an ideal one?

    Our children are the most treasured member of our family. We would do anything under the sun to keep them safe. However, as all of us know that children also fall sick and that is the biggest worry we have. The good news is that there are pediatric centers like that of children’s pediatric center, Charlotte who stand by us and save us from worries.

    Not only during illness
    From the very day, your child is born a pediatrician is required. They guide you on any special requirement your baby may have. Even as they grow, your pediatrician keeps helping you.  Centers similar to children’s pediatric center Charlotte ensure that you have given your baby the best care.

    An ideal centre for your child
    Remember that a pediatric center not only provides good pediatricians and clinical staff. The likes of children’s pediatric center Charlotte provide you with comfort, availability, and an excellent patient portal which is easily accessible. Read on to find out what other things you should look out for.   

    1. Lights: Clinical areas usually have bright lights, but the lights in a pediatric centre should be such that a child does not have difficulty in adjusting to it. Children find it more difficult to get adjusted to the day-night cycle and should be allowed to control the lights.     

    2. Acoustics: The noise in a hospital, particularly at night often cause sleep disturbance, slowing down the healing process. It can also lead to errors by clinical staff.  An ideal pediatric center would have a system in operation to allow noise levels to be monitored.  

    3. Privacy: Some patients may desire a companion while others may not. Parents and caregivers may be more forthcoming in privacy. An ideal center would design their rooms to give comfort to all patients, parents, and caregivers.

    4. Distraction: Here we are talking about positive entertainment which alleviates stress for the parents of the sick children. Providing life-size cartoon characters, having large windows to connect to the outside has a positive impact on the healing process.

    5. Cleaning process: An ideal clinic will have a sound system of disinfecting in place. Hand wash routines are a must and regular disinfecting of touch points.

    6. Furnishings: A good pediatric centre will flexibly design their furniture to suit the needs of various age groups as the care plan will be different for different age groups.

    7. Surfaces: Surfaces that are not porous are always easier to clean and maintain. This helps the infection control measures.  Matte surfaces are ideal for preventing a fall.

     Other things to consider
     Besides, the above also take into consideration the following:

    • Availability of your pediatrician
    • Can you approach the staff comfortably?
    • Is the reception area giving you the right information?
    • Is your child comfortable with the doctor and the staff? 

    Now that you know what to look out for when you take your child to a pediatrician, you must be feeling comfortable. It can be a stressful experience to be a new parent but don’t worry much. Armed with information about what to look out for when you choose a pediatric center for your precious baby, relax and enjoy your parenthood.

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