• Tuesday 6 February 2018

    Life in the Fast Lane: A Guide to Stop Your Friend from being Late

    Time flies so fast. It’s so fast that you’ll only notice the time it if you’re running late for work, school, a meeting or even for a date. Late people always have reasons why they are late. It could be: “There’s always heavy traffic, something came up, I prepared breakfast for my kids” and a whole lot more excuses to tell.

    But why do people like to settle for being always late? Why can’t they be on time like punctual people do? Is it maybe because they rely on their reasons more? If your friend is like this, they need help! Here are tips that might help them.

    Discover Why You’re Late

    If you’re late not just for a day but almost every day, you need to take action. Figure out why you’re always late. Think of your daily routine and identify all the possible causes of your tardiness. From this, you will discover the reasons why you’re late, and you can start a plan to fix it.

    Organize Yourself

    When you go out for an appointment or an important meeting, things like car keys, house keys, Identification Cards, wallets, and phone are your essentials. Most of the time when you’re about to leave, you always tend to forget where you leave these things.

    Finding the things you need when you’re in a rush is time-consuming and frustrating. If you admit that you experience this kind of scenario every day, you need to organize your things. Find a place in your house where you can easily see and arrange all the stuff you need to bring every day. Being organized helps a lot when you want to be on time for your appointments.

    Set Your Alarm Clock Earlier

    Alarms are a big help if you have important business to attend. It can force you to wake up early, and you can prepare ahead of time before you go off. However, setting early your alarms isn’t enough if you’re too keen or nitpicky on your looks.

    A good tip is that you need to prepare everything you need to wear the night before your work or any important errands. Only then will you start to realize that setting the alarm early, compliments your preparations the night before.

    Wake Up Early

    Almost everyone knows that it’s tough to get off your bed even your alarm goes off. If you slack off, you’re in big trouble. You’re going to be late for sure; you will surely miss the school bus if you’re a student.

    You won’t have time for your breakfast, and you won’t look good. Waking up early in the morning is the most important thing in the morning when you want to go to work or school in an organized fashion. You need to stop this habitual laziness, learn to wake up early to have a good start of the day.

    A good way to do this is by trying to force yourself out of bed even if you’re still sleepy. Don’t try snoozing or turning it off. Get up and try moving your body, you can also jump around and shake all your senses.

    Your housemates can also be a big help. Ask them to wake you up no matter how sleepy you are. But if things still don’t work, here’s a simple way: Try to sleep early and live healthily, this is beneficial when having a problem with waking up early.

    Realize How Long It Really Takes

    If you already know your daily routine, and that it’s time-consuming, then it maybe necessary to change some of your actions. Maybe you’re just too confident that you have enough time preparing but still you always run late.

    You need to realize how long it will take for you to take a shower, groom, take a brush and other necessary routines. Write down the exact minutes to finish each of your routines, and then you can have your time adjustment. You could use a watch to help you manage your time, and also sites like Deal Wiki is an excellent reference for you to find a good watch.

    Be Early for Tomorrow

    “Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.” Most people do this, but if you’re up for an early appointment, better prepare the night before the actual day. Prepare your clothes and the things that you must bring for the next morning. It can lessen the time of your preparation, and it helps especially in unpredictable situations like traffic and bad weather.

    Know How it Feels to Wait

    You don’t know what’s the feeling of other people waiting for you if you’re one of the latecomers. You always come on time; you disregard any other appointment just to show value to the people you meet. Making other people wait for excessive minutes or hours is a disrespect to others; you wouldn’t want them doing that to you?

    They don’t know that it’s not good to sit alone, and how difficult it is to kill time when you’re waiting. So, for the latecomers, let’s be sensitive to how people feel when they are waiting. You might displease them and affect the relationships you already have.

    Lastly, ask yourself what if you will be the to wait for a person, how would you feel?

    Learn To Say No

    When you have a hectic schedule, and someone asks you if you're free, learn to say no. Try to prioritize all your appointments when making schedules. Schedule juggling maybe one of the reasons why people come late to their meetings and appointments.

    Being late to important matters happens mostly to business people, that’s why they need to analyze all their schedules. Saying no may be insulting to the person who wanna meet you. However, you can study the basics on how to reschedule an appointment to avoid conflict.


    For all of us, running late is stressful and can cause troubles. Being late also impacts our relationship with other people. But, we can’t deny the fact that there are people who make tardiness a habit. It could be your friend or my friend. Hence, it’s not always going to be like this. We can help them change this practice.

    We can try to share them this information so that they’ll know how to stop being late. Ways such as discovering why you’re late, organizing yourself, setting your alarm clock earlier, waking up early, realizing how long it takes, knowing how it feels and learning how to say no can be a great help.

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