• Friday 14 December 2018

    The Basics of Getting Ready for Water Line Repair

    Getting your water line repaired by a professional doesn’t have to be a hassle. Water lines can have various breaks in them, or on occasion a pipe rusts out. You should always call a professional plumber when you need water line repair. Calling at the first sign of a break is the best thing to do, before complications arise. There are many water lines in a house, and even more in most industrial buildings. Whatever the problem seems to be, it’s safer to hedge on the side of caution when it comes to water line repair. Call early and try to shut your water off if possible to hedge against any more breakage.

    Prep your house. Depending on the number of water line repairs needed, there are several things you can do to get ready. The best thing you can do is clean out the area of the garage or hideaway where your water heater and other major plumbing hookups are housed. The professionals will need access to major plumbing outlets with room for their tools. You will save a lot of time by making room for everything there. You can also anticipate that some electrical may need to be looked at for the hot water, so it is a good idea to clear your electrical panel area as well. Make room in the hallway for lots of tools, and try to access your house plans if possible so that the plumber can test the lines in a more efficient manner.

    Do your research on the professional. You always want to know who you are working with if you can. Calling friends for recommendations or a contractor with a common acquaintance is a great way to start. You can also get reviews on sites like Angie’s List to find out more about your plumbers. Water line repair is a pretty serious task, so the people working may be making major pipe repairs if the situation warrants. You will want to get an idea of how good an estimator the plumber is and how long he takes before hiring. Start with those questions and then move into questions about quality and professionalism.

    Have the lines cleaned before they are repaired.  This is one of the things that holds plumbers up and increases your estimated bill. You can save some time, money, and hassle by having the water lines cleaned before the plumber gets there. Depending on your geographical area and how much clay is in your soil, water lines can become fairly dirty. In rainier areas with less clay, they may stay pretty clean. It’s a good idea to call someone who works in water or contracting to ask about the water line situation if you need an estimate of how large the cleaning bill may be in your locale.


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