• Friday 14 December 2018

    How to Plan Tree Care

    Caring for a tree is all about knowing what type of tree it is. From specialty cherry trees to flamed maples, there are all kinds of trees in people’s yards. You might have just one tree or a few, but these well-loved pieces of landscaping are an important aesthetic choice for home and business owners. Whatever type of trees you keep, you will want to extend the life and quality of the tree by planning your tree care carefully. Trees develop over time and need different amounts of water and fertilizer as they age, so it’s a good idea to take up a tree care plan with an arborist or landscaper that will last you several years.

    Fruit trees need drastically different care from non-fruit types. If you have fruit trees, it’s always a great idea to consult with someone who specializes in them. They are worth the extra work, but you definitely need some extra experience to manage them well if you want them to grow large and produce fruit. A qualified grower can help you manage the roots, watering schedule, trimming, and training that these beautiful plants need to grow strong. Whether you choose organic or non-organic growing methods, you can achieve great results if you take the time to consult and work with a qualified person on your tree care plan.

    Part of tree care is lopping limbs as needed. Some types of tree care require aggressive lopping and training when the tree is young in order for it to grow a certain way. This can be quite a creative endeavor, especially if you are trying to shape your tree. Some lopped limbs are usable in furniture, while others may be destined for the compost. You can even graft lopped limbs if you have good enough root stock and turn them into another tree. You also use them to hybridize new types of root stock. 

    Fertilizing and watering young trees is important. Some trees need heavy care when they are young in order to fruit on schedule, but they are worth the extra care. Tree care often lowers in frequency as trees age, so be prepared for good returns on your efforts if you can put the time in when the tree is young. You may want to invest in mechanical watering systems if you grow a lot of trees or if your tree is far from a water source.

    A good tree care schedule is best planned with a qualified professional. Some types of professionals that know about trees are greenhouses, arborists, and landscapers. You can benefit from their knowledge and extend the life of your tree by getting to know them and getting advice on fertilizer, trimming, watering, and soil requirements. A beautifully cared for tree is a fabulous addition to any landscape, and a fruit or nut tree gives an added bonus of produce.

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