• Monday 15 October 2018

    Why You Should Install a Light Control System in Your Home

    A light control system allows you to turn off, on or dim your lights with just a click of a button on your smartphone. With the help of a light control system, you can easily dim your lights according to your needs, even when you are not in the house. Traditionally, we could only switch the lights on and off, but we could not dim them. Hence, the same amount of light was being used during the day and at night.
    Installing light control systems has become a necessary and a fundamental part of home improvement. The trend is becoming more and more popular each year due to the benefits it offers to its owners. This article is dedicated to those homeowners who have yet to discover the advantages that a light control system can add to your home.
    The benefits of a light control system include…


    There are two types of light control systems, one that you can control through your mobile device, and the other has a sensory system attached to it which turns on and switches off the lights and other electronics by sensing your presence or absence. I especially like the way that when I walk into a room, the lights are automatically switched on.

    Saves Energy and Money

    One of the main advantages of a light control system, such as the system from Crestron, is that it saves energy, as well as saving you money by turning your lights off when you are not in a room. The system will only switch the lights on when you are present in that room.
    The other way it saves money and energy is through its energy saving mode. The energy saving mode automatically turns off the lights when you leave the room with the help of its motion and sensory detectors.


    You might be thinking that how does automatic lighting make my house more secure? Well, I’ll explain. Whenever the light control system detects any motion, the light control system turns on the lights and gives the burglar the impression that the family is present at home. This will likely scare them off and deter any would be burglars from attempting to enter your property.

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