• Thursday, 11 October 2018

    Signs it’s time to call a Rodent Exterminator

    No one wants to coexist with rats or mice – well unless they are keeping them as pets. Though they often steer clear of humans, rodents can still be dangerous to have in a home. They don’t just destroy the house or spread diseases; they also can scratch and bite.

    Luckily, there are telltale signs that will help point out an infestation of rodents in your home and will make it easy for you to know when to call a Pointe Pest Control professional.


    Droppings in your home are one of the most apparent signs that you have a rodent infestation. You can find the droppings at any point of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even the dining room – basically, anywhere that the rat or mice can reach. Other than being an eye-sore, rodent droppings have the potential to spread diseases.

    In a single night, rodents can produce up to 40 droppings and tend to do so in concentrated areas. If you are not sure how the droppings look like, then you should check for small, dark brown pieces that resemble gravel or rice grain. If you happen to come across these droppings, carefully collect and dispose of them away, then clean the area; otherwise, you or your loved ones might end up getting sick.

    Teeth marks

    Rodent infestation can result in damage around your house. Teeth marks are the most common type of damage and can be spotted on shelves, wires, and even furniture legs. Scratch marks on the walls and shredded materials around the home are also signs of rodent activities. Shredded materials might include towels, blankets, pillows, cardboard, insulation and so on, which the rodents use to build their nests.

    Scratching noises

    Since rodents are nocturnal, they become active during the night. So at night, when everything is peaceful and quiet, you’ll realize some scratching sounds and noises from the attic, ceiling or even walls as they try to look for food and nest building supplies. The noises are loud and can go on for hours, as long as the rats and mice are awake and going around the house.

    Living or a dead rodent in plain sight

    Spotting a rat or mice in plain sight is the most obvious indication that you have an infestation. And if you happen to come across a rodent in the open, then it’s likely that the infestation is getting out of hand. Often, rodents try to steer clear of humans, so if you see them, then it means that their population has become so crowded, and they don’t have enough room to hide effectively. Over infestation also means that the chances of damage and disease are heightened. If you still were unsure of when to call a pro, then this is the biggest sign.

    Grease and dirt marks on floorboards and walls

    Rodents follow a similar path to move around the house, thanks to their poor eyesight. With time, the grease and dirt on their bodies leave marks and stains on the areas and objects they frequent. When you spot dirt and grease marks in specific areas of your home, it is an indicator that you have a rodent infestation.


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