• Monday 13 August 2018

    The recovery phase from a breast surgery

    Here we are going to discover some general guidelines on how to recover from a breast surgery. But the golden rule would be to follow the instructions of the doctor after discharge from the hospital
    Once the discharge process takes place, you will leave the hospital with an external device in place. 

    The utility of this device would be that it collects fluid from the surgical site. The doctor will instruct you on how to care for the device before you leave the hospital. The fluids are being measured, the drains are emptied and at the same time any problems are detected. The fluid amount which is going to emerge is going to reduce considerably in the coming days. In fact the colour would change from red to yellow as well. It has been observed that the drainage system is going to change after 1 to 3 weeks the surgery happens to be over.

    There is also the need for a special bra that holds the bandages in place once you are over with the surgery. Here sponge baths are important rather than showers. If you happen to keep the incision area dry then you can take bath in a shower. Over the top of the incision there is bound to be small tapes in place. After a certain point of time they do fall on their own. Till the surgeon asks you to go for swimming do not go to do it.

    After the surgery the skin might be black and blue in colour. For sure this would vanish within the next few days. At the same time you are going to feel numbness in the region of your armpits. You can rate this to be a normal situation. When you are applying deodorant or shaving that area do look into the mirror so as to avoid incision on all counts. Once it is going to heel the incision is going to look thick. Do massage the area with natural solutions and keep away from lotions where the chemical content is on the higher side. Once a few weeks goes off the scars will soften.

    More often than not the doctor is going to provide you with pain medication in order to recover from the surgery. Apart from this medicine do ask them the over the counter medicines as far as breast cancer treatment in India is concerned. Do stay away from aspirin or any products with the content of it for close to 3 days once the surgery is over. If you consume them the chances of bleeding increases.

    A little bit of stretching exercises will help you to enhance your mobility. Do discuss with your surgeon on when you are planning to start them as well. Do ask the doctor on when you get back under the wheel after a surgery. In most cases after 10 to 15 days you can get back under the wheel once a surgery is over. Actively take part in the follow up visits.

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