• Friday, 17 August 2018

    What are the important interior design features for the Indian homes?

    Interior designing has been a trending business in our beautiful country, India for a very long time now. There is much more of creativity that is involved ranging right from the interior designers, architects and the decorators in the styling of an Indian home. These designers basically help in transforming your house into a beautifully set up home.

    The important features of interior design for an Indian home:

    Making a great first impression: being Indians we are always worried about what will be the first impression of the guests visiting our homes thus this is an important factor which should be told well in advance to your interior designer so that he or she can work accordingly. 

    A touch of nature’s beauty: having a touch of greenery in or around your home will give you a feel of relaxation. If you do not have a lot of space at least try and fit in a few pots of plants in the living room or the balcony.

    Add some color to your floor: adding some classy yet elegant carpets or rugs can add warmth to your space. You can also get a design theme for your flooringand there are affordable ranges that are available in the market.

    Keep the lighting natural: if you can get yourself a spacious place to live in, natural lighting is the best foe your space. Make sure you also have a plan for sufficient light in the areas where it is dark.

    Whether you are an interior designer in Chandigarh or an interior designer in Mohali or for that matter in any other part of India there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Like there is a difference between being an interior designer and an interior decorator, the basic and the most important difference being the educational qualification. Anyone can pursue to become an interior decorator while interior designing needs an accredited education.

    After this the next thing that is important is that you need to have a flair for colors, architecture, spatial arrangements and textiles. Being an interior designer you will need to be a customer friendly person. Many clients have a clear vision of what they want their space to look like but some depend on your opinions too. Interior designing is one of the competitive businesses out there in the market in today’s times. But to be at the higher position you need to get yourself noticed and making a designer portfolio for yourself is a way to help you get there.

    Also you need to be a part of the trends and have a knowledge of the recent updates in this field, so that you can also provide your customers with some ideas thus pleasing them all the more with your work. Most importantly as an interior designer one must keep in mind that the entire designing is based on the style of your client, while your advice can be useful too.

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