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    An overview of a bone marrow transplant?

    A spongy, soft tissue that is found inside the bones is referred to as the bone marrow. Being part of the skull, breast, spine it is incorporated with cells that go on to the blood cells of your body.  With regards to the blood cells of our body it is responsible for 95 % of the storage and development. 

    Three main types of blood cells are produced in the bone marrow :- 
    1. ·         Red blood cells- is known to carry oxygen to the tissues
    2. ·         White blood cells- can ward off infections and acts as a vital aid to our immune system
    3. ·         Platelets- that helps in the clotting of blood

    The above cells mentioned do carry a life maintaining function and the bone marrow works out to be a vital component of the human body.

    Types of bone marrow transplants

    The type of a bone marrow transplant does depend upon the type of donor. Let us now go through the different types of bone marrow transplant hospitals India procedures

    · Autologous bone transplantation procedure- here the donor is the person himself. From the patient the stem cells are being taken out by apheresis or bone marrow harvest. After intensive treatment it is being transferred back to the patient. Instead of the term transplant, the term rescue is being used

    · Allogeneic bone transplantation procedure- the donor and the patient have the same genetic features. Once again the stem cells are taken out by a bone harvest or apheresis. This could be genetic matched person and it could be the brother or sister of the patient. The list of other donors include

    1.      Parent- haploid identical choice when the donor happens to be the parent
    2.      A twin who is identical- they are considered to be a true match for a marrow transplant
    3.      Unrelated donor- You find this donor from an unrelated donor. These sorts of donors are usually found through the bone marrow registries.

    Umbilical cord bone transplantation

    From the umbilical cord stem cells are taken as soon as the delivery of an infant is over. These stem cells evolve into full functional blood cells then the ones that are taken from a stem cell process. These cells are tested, counted, typed and then being frozen till they are ready to be finally transplanted.

    As the stem cells are fairly new, more blood cells are produced by them in comparison to a stem cell. The receipts of this type of blood cells have lesser risk with graft bone disease.

    To conclude bone marrow transplant hospitals in India would be a great choice, mainly because of the infrastructure along with state of art facilities. For a person who is coming to India for the first time, they will be stranded for help. In this regard it is suggested that you get in touch with a medical tourism company you will ensure that you have all the help needed at your peril. They do have tailor made packages keeping in mind the needs of the clients.

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