• Friday 15 December 2017

    Why you need to look for leadership quality during assessment

    When you want to hire a candidate for your company don’t just hire the person with desired skills and abilities but look for some better perspectives. It is important for the candidate to grow in his career and important for your business to improve in the competitive market. Merely hiring a candidate with technical skills and abilities would not contribute for the growth but only for the revenue success that may not be enough. That is why; you need to assess the personality of the person who comes for the interview in your company. Talking about the personality the very important thing you need to see if the person has got a leadership attitude. Wondering how you can assess that? Then certainly you are at the right page.

    Leadership quality plays a prime role:

    As per the research made on the current scenarios of the recruitment, it has been noted that employers till date chooses the candidates merely through personal interview. But the fact is when you plan ahead for the assessment; you need to be sure whether along with the skills and abilities if candidate can take crucial decisions in your absence. The leadership attitude is not only about taking crucial decisions but inspiring the entire team to work for the goal through which your company is likely to get good results in long time of span.

    Reason to keep learning agility assessment

    To achieve success in this complex world has now become even more complex than before. You need to look for the candidate who has got mastered in his ability to learn and adapt the changing working environment. At such point of time, it is the learning agility assessment inventory which is important at the time of recruitment. The market is unpredictable and so is the working condition of the office where a candidate is expected to work. If you conduct such type of assessment for the candidate at the time of recruitment, you get a clear idea on whether the qualities like adaptability, authentic listen and positivity are inculcated in the behavioural pattern of the person. This helps you get a clear idea on whether the candidate can embrace the ‘grayness’ which comes from other people’s ideas or situations that are likely to arise.

    What exactly is learning agility?

    The key to unlock the mystery on whether the candidate is proficient and adaptive enough for the working condition that your business has got is learning agility. It is all about understanding how a Epson would deal with a situation where someday you might end up getting in. Besides, being a complex set of skills, learning agility gives a clear idea on the person’s learning ability and then using such patterns and applying it constantly for the betterment of the company.

    The test involved in such type of program includes people, mental, change, people, and self-awareness agility. The leadership world is only for the people with the most learning agile. So make your decision carefully and get the right solutions.

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