• Tuesday 28 November 2017

    Improve Organizational Productivity by Increasing Employee Morale

    The morale of any employee is a critical element that can be the determining factor in assuring organizational productivity and effectiveness.  Just as better weather, including plenty of bright sunlight and regular water can assure the productivity of a garden assuring positive staff morale almost guarantees increased productivity and quality of service.   And the result can usually be directly correlated with positive results for all concerned. 

    There are certain basic factors that almost certainly will guarantee increased morale.  The first is assuring employees that they are respected as individuals.  This sounds obvious, but is often forgotten.  Look how difficult it is in for some employers to give workers basic things like family leave or flexible work hours when experience has shown that such policies benefit both employer and employee.  Employees who receive this sensible treatment more often show loyalty to their job and firm than those whose employers keep them locked in the traditional set schedules.

    Sensitivity to employee health and welfare is another way a firm can improve staff morale.  Provision of health insurance is more than a job “perk” it is a way to assure staff they are valued by their employers.  Employers also assist personnel by encouraging the use of preventive health services, offering access to physical fitness and wellness programs, and seeing that commodities like vitamins and other over-the-shelf products that help improve wellness and conditioning are available.  For example, offering to assist employees obtain vitamins from Life Extensions by encouraging their use of Groupon promo codes or coupons to obtain health vitamins and supplements at significant discounts, and to use them to maintain personal and family wellness.  This practice serves to extend company support for health and fitness programs and can help maintain staff morale.

    Some firms help employees obtain health supplies and equipment – they may offer loans or assistance in purchasing bicycles, exercise machines, or special equipment for those with disabilities.  These investments assure that the workforce is well provided for and in good condition.  Major corporations even provide showers, locker rooms and workout space in their offices.   These actions can assure the best employee morale and workforce available.

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