• Wednesday, 22 November 2017

    Vital Things to Know About Using Testosterone

    Many weightlifters and bodybuilders are now using testosterone to achieve their goals quickly. Testosterone is a natural hormone found in both man and animal. It is quite easy to know about it with men as that is linked with their testicles. But aside from men, women also make testosterone through their ovaries but in smaller amounts. Usually, the production of testosterone starts to increase during puberty and dips after the age of 30.

    A lot of people around the world are already using testosterone because of its potency when taking it as a partner of their workout. It is even talked clearly about how the rise of testosterone therapy in New Zealand makes bodybuilders see more. There are just amazing things that testosterone brings to users.

    How is testosterone therapy done?

    There are individuals who are troubled by both their high and low testosterone levels. And with that, a doctor’s blood test is required to measure the hormone’s amount rightly found in the patient’s blood. When doctor’s see that the patient acquires low testosterone, then a testosterone therapy is advised together by allowing the patient to take the hormone’s artificial version. Basically, these artificial versions come out in a variety of forms such as a gel, a skin patch, an injection, a solution, or an implant.

    Is testosterone important?

    For men, testosterone is important since it is a sex hormone which plays a significant role in their body. Men should have enough testosterone as it regulates libido. But aside from that, it also helps with fat distribution; bone mass, strength and muscle mass, and even with the production of sperm and red blood cells.

    What are the impressive advantages of having optimal testosterone levels?

              ● It decreases body fat.

    When it comes to regulating glucose, insulin, and fat metabolism, testosterone works impressively with it.

              ● It increases muscle mass.

    Testosterone works with muscle mass. What it does is it increases a man’s muscle protein synthesis.

              ● It fights depression.

    There are men who are suffering from depression. Sometimes, the lack of testosterone causes it.

              ● It toughens bones.

    Though it is known that older women may suffer from osteoporosis, but behind that, men may experience it too. Men are sometimes involved with it because of their low testosterone count. Enough testosterone is great for the bones as it helps in increasing its density and even helps with the stimulation of its mineralization.

              ● It increases competitiveness.

    Men, by nature, are competitive people and testosterone helps them work for it. Testosterone, generally, is associated with a man’s desire for both status and power. When it comes to attending a fight or a competition, testosterone works its way for it, thus, creating awesome effects to their hemoglobin and muscle mass.

              ● It improves erections.

    Testosterone is greatly known as a sex hormone which men are quite dependent on. When a man obtains low T, then he will notice how low his libido is. Also, it causes erectile dysfunction.

              ● It strengthens your heart.

    Men who have high levels of testosterone are more likely to suffer from heart ailments. It’s just best for a man to have optimal T levels to prevent cardiovascular illnesses.

            ● It improves cognitive ability.

    Testosterone is linked to a man’s overall cognitive ability. Usually, this applies to older men. It’s best for older men to take or use artificial products when their testosterone is running low as it helps in the prevention of brain tissue decay.

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