• Friday 1 September 2017

    A Family Lawyer Is Your Legal and Emotional Rescuer

    A lawyer is the one who defends one party. He or she is the one who represents the client in the court. However, a lawyer at times does act as mediator i.e. the one who tries to sort out the issues that a family may have between its members. This holds true especially in those cases where children form part of the family matters. Although family law mediators are attorneys, few of them are professionals at handling a family dispute resolution. Family issues that exist are like legal separation, child custody, alimony, spousal support and such other issues.

    A family law mediator is responsible for?
    First and the foremost role that a mediator plays is that of a counselor. When a couple finds it hard to get along with each other but at the same time do not want to seek divorce, a mediator comes into the picture. A mediator will listen to both the parties and try to resolve the conflict. Here are few issues that can emerge between a married couple:-
    • Change in behavior due to outside influence
    • Grief over losing their child
    • Relationship issues like lack of attention, infidelity, etc.
    Usually, a mediator listens to each party’s complaint and wherever required, talk to children and other family members. Mediators also mediate situations where a couple is sure of divorce and are in their best interest. They may require legal advice on child custody, child support and property division. Many a time even client’s own attorneys tell mediators what actually the client wants from the divorce. The mediator will evaluate all documents concerning debts, salary information, expenses incurred on children and joint assets. The couple will meet the mediator several times before they reach an agreement that both the parties agree on the same thing before documents are submitted to the family court judge in order to approve the same.

    In fact, lawyers are given proper training with respect the counseling. In other words, they are told how to convince a couple not to go for divorce and rather give their relationship a second chance. Lawyers do try to convince their clients for the same in the first place by letting them know what consequences they, their children and family members might have to bear in case they go for divorce. Clients are given the alternative of legal separation in which couple live separately but still remains married.

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