• Thursday 31 August 2017

    Be a Part of Thrill and Enjoyment!

    There are plenty of opportunities out there for the trekking buffs and adventurous in and around Bangalore. If you think that the city is just about work and work then you are mistaken. This city of Karnataka is not at all disappointing in terms of adventure and thrill too.

    If you want, you can easily carry out Trekking in Bangalore that too without any inconvenience. Of course, the city has many trekking spots near it. Since it is so, you can easily carry out your trekking visits.

    Karighatta Trek
    Karighatta Trek is a wonderful trekkingspot locatedjust hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is a lovely destination for traveling buffs and trekking buffs. Karighatta hill is situated at a height of just 2,697 feet. You can enjoy an unforgettable time during a trekking trip to this majestic and thrilling destination.

    Ramadevara Betta
    This trek is in Ramnagar and is mapped at a distance of fifty kilometres. It is aperfect pathfor individualswho love trekking, rock climbing and rappelling. After reaching the base, you can start to climb stairs that are nearly 300 in number. After you have covered these stairs, you will see the point of temple. Here just climb ahead because there is an electrifying trek to reach to the top. This spot is popularly known as the Sholay spot and it will undoubtedly win your spirits and provide you with a pleasant and daring experience.

    Tadiandamol Trek and Night Camping
    This trek adventure is going to be organized on Friday, 22nd September 2017 from 8:00PM toSunday, 24th September 2017 10:00PM. So, if you haven’t planned anything for these dates, you must become a part of this trekking thrill. The trekking trip is getting organized by Nature Walkers.

    Talking about Tadiandamol, it is one of the most pleasant, uncommercial peaks in the state of Karnataka. It is raised to nearly 1748 m and popular as highest peak in coorg. The Tadiandamol trek caters the adventurers a chance to explore the spectacular vegetation, gorgeous butterflies flying from tree to tree and rare mountain birds. You can have a picturesque view from peaks here. Trial will take you through wide spread span of the Shola forest. So, are you ready for some adventure and fun? Just get yourself enrolled in this trekking trip and don’t worry about any arrangements.

    Anthargange is one of the most welcoming and prominent adventurous places for trekking. It is situated only sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. The place is an odd hill and is surrounded with a blanket of thick forest at the base. However, once you begin to step up the rock-scattered hill the greenery starts to fade and is eventually replaced with prickly bushes that embellish the top of hill. Here caves of hill are a chief lure for backpackers. You can experience thrill, fun, greenery and beautiful ambiences during this trip to Anthargange.

    So, any plans for trekking in near future? Go ahead and check out some cool trekking trips being planned by groups and organizations. You ca also plan a personal trekking trip to nearby trekking destinations.

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