• Tuesday 4 April 2017

    Learn more on the effects of long-term steroid use

    Whether you are a bodybuilder trying to build your muscle to achieve a certain body ideal or a common man just trying to enhance your general appearance, if you are planning to take anabolic steroids to help you achieve your dreams, then you must be cautious as they are quite infamous for their side effects that can cause severe health problems and risks. Particularly, health problem caused by long-term use of steroids can have a profound impact on your lifestyle and life after steroid abuse. Hence it is better to know more about the risks associated with the consumption of anabolic steroids.

    Risks associated with the administration of steroids:

    It is well known that steroids are permitted only for therapeutic use to treat certain conditions. But it is not common to find people wanting to achieve results in one or the other way by consuming steroids. Although steroids are easily available for purchase in various forms including as injections, pills, skin patches and creams, many of them are not worth the money spent. Many such steroids can cause temporary problems like headaches, skin irritation at the site of application or injection, muscle fatigue and pain. Because these problems are not considered inherently dangerous, they are not investigated upon. This may lead to the manifestation of a small problem into a draconian one. Common problems caused by long-term use of steroids include,

    •    Chronic liver deterioration and failure
    •    Kidney failure or kidney damage
    •    Psychiatric and neurological problems
    •    Damage to immune system and immune disorders
    •    Cancer
    •    Feminization in the case of males
    •    Gynecomastia in the case of females
    •    Severe damage to arteries and veins
    •    Growth issues including stunted growth and short stature
    •    Cardiovascular troubles
    •    Brain damage

    Many studies have been carried out to assess the level of impact consumption of anabolic steroids for prolonged times has on the human body. However there is no proper definition for the period addressed by ‘long-term’ and it itself is pretty ambiguous. Hence results are not very exact regarding the time of consumption is concerned. Nevertheless, several studies have shown that administering steroids without any medical need can provide more risk than benefits.

    Many athletes and bodybuilders follow different methods such as cycling, stacking, pyramiding etc in a view that they may alleviate the problems caused by steroid abuse. However no such methodology seems to stand against the risks posed by steroids. In one study, several weightlifters that used to administer themselves with steroids and in the age group of thirty-five to fifty were tested for changes in the brain structure. Surprisingly most of them had an enlarged amygdale, the region in response for controlling and regulating emotions. This is in confirmation of the fact that people consuming steroids have a high susceptibility to emotional disorders inclusive of aggression, feeling of invincibility, irritation, predisposition to petulant nature etc. Hence it is necessary to take care while planning to consume steroids. 

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