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    Few complex and simple facts about flowers

    Flowers can be explained simply as blooms or blossoms. Science states that flowers are reproductive structure of the plant, facilitating fertilization. Flower’s ovary part develops into fruit which is consumed. Majority of the fruits are known to have seeds from which new plants tend to sprout.

    Fertilization types

    Different types of fusion or fertilization are offered by flowers. They are as follows:

    • Out crossing: It is the fusion of sperm and egg from different varieties present in the given population.
    • Selfing: It is considered the fusion of sperm and egg of the same flower.
    Similar to other lives on Earth, flowers are said to have evolved. Few are known to produce diasporas, but without fertilization. Few tend to make themselves to become attractive so as to lure animals and insects towards it. This way, it becomes possible for pollen transfer to take place.

    Such facts might appear to be simple for people to absorb. But in reality, flowers are considered to be complex nature mechanism having different aspects and properties, thus enabling them towards surviving through several millennia by coping mechanisms.

    More about flowers

    For ordering flowers of different types, it will be useful to check out the online flower delivery Jaipur sites. Flowers in general are regarded to be objects of admiration and beauty. They are used for beautification and to enhance environments and spaces as objects which are not just synonymous with ritual, romance and religion, but also termed to be excellent sources of medicine and food.

    According to studies conducted, bees are said to pick not just food like pollen and nectar from flowers, but do transmit bacteria to flowers via ‘micro biomes’, a term utilized for indicating the bacteria community within the bee’s gut. A common bacteria type is Lactobacillus Micheneria that is associated largely with fermented foods. It is actually a common bacterium, known as the ‘good bacteria’. Such bacteria accumulate more on those flowers which are pollinated by bees that tend to carry pollen within their undersides.

    Researches conducted on this subject have shown lots about the role of flowers and about the behaviour of flowers. This does help to know about flowers. Besides being a good source of food, it also acts to transmit good bacteria to safeguard pollinator populations.

    However, not all types of flowers are stated to be fragrant and beautiful. Few of them are known to have evolved in a strange manner for the purpose of survival. Corpse flower is so named due to its putrefying smell that of urine and decaying animal flesh. It is said to grown on small plants. It is found across the globe only in dense jungles. The flower is seen to have become expanded and also smellier, just to attract insects and bugs. This way, it is able to reproduce much more efficiently. Few specimens are known to flower just once in a year, and others take much longer time.

    Before planning to buy flowers Jaipur from online sites, it will be useful to know more about the different types, so as to make a well informed purchase.

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