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    Best Diets for Workout

    When it comes to fitness and losing weight, many people tend to work very hard and eat less to reduce the amount of food they consume every day. However, that is not the right way to get the best results from the gym. A proper diet is the needed fuel of your body, which helps boost any exercise routines and affect the overall performance, therefore, it plays an important role in your workout.
    What to eat before a workout

    Your body will burn hundreds of calories when you work out. Eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein and low in fat can help you stay energized until the end of your workout routine. Also, it is very important to have a nice pre-workout meal, since working out with an empty stomach can cause muscle loss. Scientists have pointed that when you are hungry, the muscle is broken down and its protein will be converted to glucose for energy. Therefore, you lose muscle mass, which can slow your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight.

    The best pre-workout meal should be a mix of complex carbohydrate and a protein. Here are some of recommended meals and snacks to keep you full of energy during an intense workout without weighing you down.

    1. Greek yogurt with banana:

    Banana has been used by hundreds of athletes and gymers around the world due to its perfect nutrients. Bananas is loaded with digestible carbohydrates and is packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining muscle function but often drops when you sweat a lot. Plus, low-fat Greek yogurt is a great source of protein as it has double the amount of high-quality protein compared to regular one. Therefore, make a mixture of a medium banana with ½ cup of Greek yogurt and eat at least 30 minutes before hitting to the gym.

    2. Whole grain bread with cottage cheese and eggs:

    A slice of wholegrain bread is a very good source of complex carbohydrates. Also, it is very high in fiber, which helps deliver sugars and fats to the bloodstream slowly, giving you a steady supply of energy. Eating a whole grain bread with low-fat cottage cheese and couples slice of eggs as a lunch then you will have everything you need for the workout in the afternoon. In case you have lactose intolerance, cottage cheese is one of the best treatments as well.

    3. Oat meal with fresh fruits or almond butter:

    Oats are the traditional pre-workout snacks as they are full of fiber and carbs you need for a long time in the gym. Oats also contain group B vitamins, which help release carbohydrates into energy. You can add some fruits like berries to your oat bowl to increase the fluid and vitamin content, or high-protein ingredients like almond butter or milk to enhance the flavor without any intake of refined sugars.

    What to eat after a workout

    Your body stores energy under the form of protein and glycogen. During exercise, your body will burn fuel from anything you've eaten before your workout, then your muscles will break down stored glycogen when you hit the last round. Therefore, having a right post-workout meal that combines protein and carbohydrates 30 minutes to an hour after your workout can replenish energy stores, build and repair the muscles that were broken down, and maximize exercise results.

    Let’s have a look at what are the best post-workout options below:

    1. Grilled Chicken and Mixed Vegetables
    Your body is urgently in need of high-quality foods for recovery. The high amount of carbohydrates and lean protein in chicken will fill you up quickly without making you feel overly bloated. Add some vegetables in olive oil and vinegar to give yourself the good vitamins, healthy fats and fiber that helps support your metabolism.

    2. Sandwich Wraps

    As long as you maintain the basic ingredients, you can make various types of sandwich warps if you want to. Wholegrain wraps contain healthy carbohydrates, and you can pack it with any lean protein sources such as roasted turkey or chicken, egg omelette, tuna fish, etc., with a little low-fat cheese for more protein and some necessary fat. Include a bowl of soup your favorite vegetables and you will have a great post-workout snack.

    3. Protein shake

    Nowadays, many gymers prefer protein shakes after a workout as they are easy and simple ways to provide protein to your muscles. Also, protein shakes take only about 30 minutes for protein to reach the muscle after ingestion, much faster than solid foods doing the same job. To make protein shake, all you need is a quality whey protein powder in a shaker bottle with some water. Or you can combine it with extra ingredients such as fruits, peanut butter, or milk to make a delicious smoothie.

    Last but not least, never forget to drink enough water before, during and after workout. Water helps your body exercise efficiently, and being dehydrated can cause you feeling dizzy, lethargic or damaging consequences to your body.

    About the Author:

    My name is Ashley Bennet and I am a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. I have worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

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