• Friday 27 January 2017

    How to Impress Your New Girlfriend

    A new relationship has an amazing spark in it. But it is also true that a new relationship stays in a phase where the girl tries to understand her feelings and the nature of the guy. Hence, this is the time for the guys to make extra efforts and make the lady fall in love completely.


    You can use the coming Valentine’s Day to your advantage. Surprise her with valentines’ cake delivery at her place or office. However, here are all the things you can do to impress your new girlfriend.

    1. Try to know her hidden desires and complete the ones you can

    One of the most effective ways is to know what she wants in her life. Her desires that she can’t fulfill on her own. We all have these unfulfilled wishes. Some of them are expensive, while others are very small, but we don’t have the time or focused mind to do it. You can become the door who let her escape the struggles of life.

    In the case of your new girlfriend, you need to talk to her and indirectly get the knowledge of her wishes. Pay attention to the times when she says “I want to do it one day”. You will hear this mostly when you are watching a movie, or when she is talking to her friend. Start understanding her hopes for life.
    Now, it is obviously not possible to fulfill all of her wishes. But you can make efforts to fulfill a few of them, which you can.

    2. Pay more attention to her small expectations from you

    The girls give more importance to the small things like expressing your love daily, sending a few texts, and caring for her. This kind of things can help you gain her trust and affection. Even when you give her expensive gifts, or take her out all the time. It is important to make sure that you sleep only after giving her a call at night.
    Adding to that, you can add a few habits in your behavior like offering her flowers whenever you meet, kissing her goodbye when you drop her to her home and other small gestures.

    3. Go shopping with her

    Girls love to shop. But, they feel happier when you are helping her out with the shopping. Being with a girl requires having amazing knowledge of colors, fashion, and other stuff. If you have a killer knowledge of fashion and a sense of marching different clothing with each other, then, she will be impressed for sure.

    4. Be more creative

    Impressing a girl with your personality requires you to become a little creative in life. You can make all the ordinary moments extraordinary with your creativity. The idea is to make her feel special whenever she is with you and even when she is not with you. A cake delivery without any occasion, or sending her a romantic song in your voice, these kinds of things make her feel special.

    So, now you know what you need to do right!

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