• Monday 24 August 2020


    Want to shed the extra kilos faster? Say hi to your weight loss training buddy-fruit. Nature’s ready-made snack, the fruit is packed with vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients that support a healthy diet. Being low in calories and high in fiber, may help you lose weight. Eating fruit is linked not only to lower body weight but also to lower the risk of:

    a. Diabetes

    b. High blood pressure

    c. Cancer

    d. Heart disease

    Here is a look at the seven best fruits along with ideas on how to enjoy them to eat for weight loss:

    1. Apples

    High fiber apples which are low in calories, allow you to get your sweet fix on the go as they are very filling. They support weight loss and whole eaten apples reduce hunger and control appetite than juiced ones.

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Top your favorite salad with apple slices.

    b. Dip apples in Greek yogurt as a snack.

    c. Add apples to oatmeal for natural sweetness.

    1. Raspberries

    One of the best sources of fiber, raspberries not only help satisfy a sugar craving because of their sweetness, but they also offer antioxidants that combat harmful substances called free radicals in the body. Raspberry ketones, a substance found in raspberries which is responsible for their distinct smell is one of the best weight loss supplements for women.

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Add raspberries to salads.

    b. Have raspberries in yogurt.

    c. Eat raspberries as a snack.

    3.  Oranges

    Whole or cut up oranges are weight loss friendly as oranges are packed with vitamin C, which offers several health benefits like boosting your immune system and aiding with iron absorption. Avoid taking oranges in the form of juice. One of the weight loss supplements for women in the form of orange is Synephrine, which is a compound contained in a type of orange, called bitter orange. 

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Whip up an orange salsa.

    b. Top oranges on chicken breast.

    c. Add oranges in fish.

    4. Mangoes

    Want to boost your metabolism? Treat yourself with mangoes. Mangoes offer a nice helping of weight-support fiber and also lower inflammation. Being a major sweetness superhero, mangoes offer a no-sugar fix, lower blood pressure and help with blood sugar regulation, both of which play a role in metabolism. 

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Cut mangoes into pieces and sprinkle a little chili powder.

    b. Cut mangoes into slices and add lime juice on top.

    c. Eat mangoes as a snack.

    5. Avocados

    If you want to feel full for longer, have avocados as they contain good fats. Avocados can be a top addition when it comes to weight loss goals as they are one of the fattiest plant foods available and most of the avocado’s calories come from fat-the good kind. Avocados are linked to better heart health and increase your satiation level by a large degree along with fiber present in them.

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Have an avocado green smoothie by blending avocado pieces.

    b. Add avocados to the salad.

    c. Have avocados on toast.

    6. Bananas

    Bananas help you feel full for longer because of their resistant starch which is resistant to digestion as it functions like fiber, slows digestion that keeps you full for longer, and also keeps blood sugar steady so that you maintain energy. This keeps one away from blood sugar slum that has one reaching for a sweet treat to easily back up. Part of the carbohydrates from bananas are in the form of the fibers pectin and resistant starch, both of which help in regulating blood sugars and not spiking it.

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Have a banana smoothie with the addition of nuts.

    b. Take bananas as a snack.

    c. Add in any dish in raw or cooked form.

    7. Pineapples

    Pineapples are infused with a variety of nutrients and enzymes, which combine and help in boosting hydration, metabolism, and satiety. One of the most refreshing and soothing fruits for the body, pineapples are a source of vitamin C. Being low in calories, and containing high water content, pineapples help with weight loss or shedding of extra kilos at a faster pace.

    How to enjoy it?

    a. Have pineapples with savory foods.

    b. Eat pineapples as a snack.

    c. Blend some raw pineapple into dairy products like cottage cheese.

    Mother Nature’s candy or fruit not only has the sweetness you are craving but unlike processed treats, it boasts plenty of nutrients as well. It is a healthy addition for your weight loss plan as it not only gives you the fullness because of the fiber but also tastes good which makes it a great go-to option. So, eating the above-mentioned fruits with ways to enjoy them will surely support you in shedding weight.

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