• Wednesday 16 October 2019

    Exercising with friends: All you need to know

    Exercising is beneficial for our body and mind but the fact is that people refrain themselves from doing the same due to the big task of visiting the gym and sweating it out. There are many alternatives that you may have in front of your ranging from dance classes, yoga, Zumba, and a lot more. Solo endeavours may keep you stuffed up and may also let you skip sessions, in such a case a group workout with friends may save you from all the jitters of going solo and exercising. Even studies reveal that working out with friends have comparatively better results than working out alone. There are real benefits in stepping inside the gym with a friend. So here are a few things that you need to know while sweating it out together:

    You can get connected with new people

    Opting for group workouts means getting a chance to expand your friend circle. You may have office friends, neighbourhood friends, and gym friends may just be like an addition to your friend circle. You can think your exercises and gym sessions to be a source of socialisation and friendship. When we are in office, even half an hour seems like you have spent a whole hour working on the office table. But time passes on quickly when you are having buddies along for your workout sessions.

    You may never get bored

    Another benefit of exercising with a friend is that you will never get bored while exercising. Chit chats, gossips, laughter can keep you lively, and you can easily spend hours exercising without feeling that you should get back home now.

    Commitments become real

    Many people set their weight loss goals, but they lag behind due to the irregularity factor. You may not feel like exercising multiple times and may miss the sessions. But if you have enrolled yourselves with a friend, then you are more likely to follow the routine on a daily basis. Just because of your friend with whom you find delight in spending time, you will always find reasons to hit the gym. In this way, you can stick to your commitments and attain your goal at a faster pace.

    Challenges become easy

    All those pushups and planks are challenging, but when you have a friend beside you to motivate you, things become easier. The support that your friend may bestow on you is enough to overcome the hurdles and move ahead in your fitness goals. Exercising becomes less challenging, and you become more active. Having a friend around while opting for group workout helps you to work harder and can trigger the competitive you. When you feel like giving up, your friend may motivate you to hang on proceed further. They can invoke the power inside you to keep you going.

    Cost effective method

    Working out with a friend is a cost-effective method too. If you plan to hire a personal trainer and buy a few gym equipments, then you can split the bills between the two of you and thus save a few bucks. Also, if you plan to enroll in a fitness centre, there are many who offer couple packages that are comparatively cheaper than solo packages, so again you can save money by going out with a friend. You can save on the fuel charges by pooling a car together or sharing the fuel bills between the two.

    You get to encounter a friendly competition

    When you have a little competition, then you become more dedicated to attaining your goals. So having a friend with whom you can bet to achieve your targets evokes the strength in you and lets you devote yourself. If your friend lifts 50 pounds, we are sure you are not going t stick to 40 for many days. You will surely give 50 pounds a try to compete with your friend. So a little competition is good to push yourself ahead.


    Accountability and motivation are the primary reasons to opt for a group workout. Even if one of you feels demotivated and plan to stay back at home, the other may take the lead and motivate you to ditch your plans. When you plan to roll inside your blankets and have a good sleep, your friend may be like an alarm clock who can continuously buzz your phone to wake you up and drag you to the gym.

    Gets you a break every day

    Sometimes we need something different and exciting in our monotonous life. Going to the office, seeing the same people again, tirelessly working on the computer table may make your life boring. And this daily schedule may demand a short break that makes you happy and lively again. Catching up with your friend while going to a fitness centre may be all that you may desire to get a break from everyday life. Having a buddy to workout with means you can have someone to share your interests, your thoughts, and even a cup of coffee after getting out of the gym. For a couple of hours, you can just forget everything and get to have a small break from the tiring day’s routine.

    You have someone to correct you

    Your friend may be no less like the instructor when they find you exercising wrong. They can teach you new moves and may correct you every time they see you not doing the exercises correctly. You may also try different things if you have a gym buddy along who can accompany you for the same.

    Starting your gym journey with a friend is always a healthier option than starting it solo. There are real benefits of opting group workouts as it keeps you interested in your tasks. If you consider all the points mentioned above, you will surely understand that reaching your fitness goals is much easier with a friend. So what are you waiting for? Get set and go call your buddy to get yourselves enrolled for a group workout.

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