• Sunday 1 September 2019

    Trending Designs Of Diamond Necklaces

    Sparkling, stunning, stylish, classy, elite, and stupendously expensive – diamonds are everything that a woman appreciates. A diamond necklace is hence one of the dearest and prized possessions for any women. Albeit just being a diamond necklace is never enough. You need this couture jewellery in just the design that you crave the most.

    These days both the retail and also the online market have a large number of choices when it comes to the designs of these necklaces. Whether you are buying them at your favourite jewellery brand’s showroom or you are buying a diamond necklace online in Dubai, the choices are quite stupendously varied.

    Let us take a quick look at some of the popular diamond necklace designs that are doing their rounds in the market.

    The Heavy Bridal Necklace – This is a design of necklace that is being used in making different types of necklaces such as those of gold, Kundan, and jadau. In this design, the necklace is a heavy piece which combines a collar necklace snug around the throat and a necklace resting on the nape of the neck. Together it is one broad piece that is heavy and rather regal in its looks.

    The Hanging Necklace – This is a simple-looking design necklace that is generally hanging to a length of six to eight inches from the neck. The width of the necklace can vary from case to case. In many of the designs, it is a cylindrical creation that has self designs and is a long continuous piece. In most of the cases, it happens to be a flat creation of one to one and a half-inch width.

    The Long Hanging Necklace With A central Locket – The design of this type of necklace is similar to the earlier designs with the main difference that such necklaces have a large central pendant or a locket. In this type of necklaces the width of the necklace is thinner as compared to the earlier models.

    In many cases, it is just the locket that is made of diamonds, and the necklace is made of gold. While shopping diamond necklace online in Dubai, you can get different varieties of this type of diamond necklaces, which is by far the most economical choice. They are very much popular, even in the form of mangalsutras in different parts of India.

    The Simple Design – Amongst the huge array of diamond necklace online in Dubai the widest variety of models available are the simples designs of diamond necklaces. You can find different types where the designs are light, simple, and very elegant. You can wear them to the office and also on light occasions. The settings of the stones are unique and of very high quality. These type of creations are trendy and stylish and can be worn with both Indian and western wear.

    While buying diamond necklaces be very sure of the metal on which they have been set and that the stone settings are of good quality. It can help you to wear the item for a more extended period.

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