• Wednesday, 31 July 2019

    Orlando Visit — 7 Handy Tips

    Orlando is one of the biggest attractions in the US, thanks to its legendary amusement parks, particularly Disney and Universal. It’s a great city with a pleasant weather, amazing food and perfect for relaxing. You can easily hire Orlando villas near Disney to enjoy a stress-free stay. Here are our tips to enjoy Orlando to its fullest:

    Book your tickets

    If you are planning on visiting the parks or any of the major tourist sites, try and book your tickets online. You can do this even before flying to Orlando. There are seven major theme parks here and you can book your tickets in advance for all of them. All these parks have different packages, including bundled day passages or family passes. Pick one that seems the most suitable for you. The best part about buying them is the discount most websites will offer on advance tickets. You can also avoid time spent in queues.

    The parks are huge

    You probably already know that the parks are spread over a large area. But you may still be surprised to know just how large! Given the size of the parks and the number of rides, it’s impossible to cover it all in a day, especially if you have children with you. So, pick and choose what you want to do or get tickets for at least a couple of days. Another tip: look for Orlando villas near Disney so that you can easily cut on the commute time and get the most of the day!

    The fast passes are often worth the extra money

    What is the one negative aspect of theme parks? The serpentine queues, especially on holidays. The solution lies in the fast pass. Available at an extra cost, these passes allow you to skip the regular queue and instead go through the ‘fast’ queues. The fast pass is expensive, extra costs that come close to 50% of the ticket rates, which are already high. But when the park is crowded, the time you save is well worth the extra cost. You can cover more rides in a day and save yourself the boredom of standing in multiple queues.

    Be weather ready

    The sunshine state is just advertising! Sure, Florida is pretty warm and going out in the sun is great, but you will surprised at the amount of rains you can get even during the summer season. Rainy season that last from May to mid-October can get pretty wet. So, it’s prudent to be ready for rain. Most parks sell rain ponchos on premises, but getting one from home will save you the extra cost.

    Book a villa

    Orlando has many options for accommodation. There are plenty of opulent hotels, resorts and motels to choose from. But a villa offers you the best of all these options. You can have the space and opulence of hotel, while spending much less. It is the most economic option if you are travelling with a party or a family. Pick Orlando villas near Disney to save on commute costs.

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