• Friday 19 April 2019

    4 traits on how to make compelling videos for websites

    Promotional videos come in many form, from the regular TV ads to appeals pertinent to charity. Website promotion is different as it is aimed at increasing customer traffic to the particular website. These videos must be of exceptional quality in terms of content and presentation or people may ignore it after a cursory glance. Before attempting to shoot a video, you should know how to make video for website and accordingly take training, tutorial or coaching by a mentor to get it right.

    Primary aim of a website video is to generate customer awareness of your products. Once it is done the rest will come easy. Here are 5 tips that will enable you to make a professional quality website video and get the customer volume you are anticipating for your business:

        1. Don’t compromise on production quality
    It may not be necessary for you to spend lavishly on buying camera equipment because your small business may not bear it. But it is necessary that your target audience must see and hear what the video is propagating. You might have come across poor quality videos that had made you to reject product/company outright in the past. The same may happen if it is poorly shot and with sub-standard camera equipment. Compromising on production equipment may cost you dear for your website.

        2. Make it entertaining
    Customer engagement is the primary task of a website video. It is easy said than done, because engaging videos are made professionally and with lots of experience. You should remember that one of your target audiences is watching your video and you must ensure that he/she does not hit the exit button. You should make it entertaining and that will keep them engrossed. Only by engaging them you will be able to make them understand about your product or services. Engaging promos have a story that have a beginning, middle and ending and make sure that the video reflects these aspects. Making the video humorous and engineering laughter from the audience is another way of keeping people engaged so keep these in mind.

        3. Integrate Gripping Visuals
    A website video is primarily a visual medium. It is obvious that it should work, but it may work on paper not on camera. If you are selling a high-end product like Apple then a simple talking head concept will be sufficient to work the magic. If you are not, then you may have to come up with something more than a talking head. Spike it with visual that are new, fresh and innovative. Find locales that are colorful and gorgeous to look at.

        4. Keep the video short
    Before making the video presume that people are short of time and may switch off your video any second. So make it short and compelling. Long winded videos will create boredom and people will leave your slot faster than you would expect. Make the short time available to you fruitful and zap them with forceful visuals and comments that will keep the glued to you for at least a minute or two.  

    You can pick up these finer points by watching coaching videos online by expert video maker and mentor Rene Estes. You can contact her at her website reneestes.com.

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