• Tuesday 12 February 2019

    Solve Erectile Dysfunction Through Alprostadil Drug

    There are people in today’s society who generally view masculinity based on how a man’s erectile organ performs. This perception is maybe the reason why men take their manhood with great honor and pride, especially if it’s worth bragging. However, men are not always blessed with a well-performing cock because whether they agree or not, there are mortifying moments when their penis let them down. That is probably the most humiliating experience ever- for men!

    Erectile dysfunction brings a lot of hitches towards men like stress, depression and even lower self-esteem. The worst effect of impotence though is relationship break-ups. Hence, men should seriously take a closer look on means to make sure that their most valuable body part is always in excellent condition.

    Thanks to advance science and modern discoveries, men don’t have to exhaust themselves anymore in chasing around solutions for erectile dysfunction because there are already available over-the-counter remedies like the Alprostadil drug that answers the plea of men to maintain high performing penis. So, to know more about this useful drug, keep on scrolling down!

    What is an Alprostadil Drug?
    Alprostadil drug belongs to the vasodilators group that has a primary goal of expanding blood vessels to promote an increase in blood flow. This drug can treat related health problems like heart complications among newborn babies. However, medication through this drug is more recommended to men who suffer many erectile dysfunctions.

    Moreover, if it is your first time to use alprostadil, make sure to apply it in your doctor’s clinic with his close supervision to identify the exact dosage that your body condition needs because alprostadil tends to drop down your blood pressure. It is in this reason that you should be monitored upon your first alprostadil application and set a prescribed dosage for you.

    How does Alprostadil treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
    Since Alprostadil expands blood vessel, the blood flow also improves, and it moves smoothly throughout the body, including the male’s private organ. With the right blood supply to the penis, a satisfying erection happens to men with erectile dysfunction. After inserting or applying the drug, the patient can already experience erectile within ten to fifteen minutes.

    Though the use of Alprostadil drug seems heavenly and relieving enough, especially for men who wish always to keep their birds flying, there should still be limitations to its use. It is suggested to take only one tablet or one application a day. But if single drug use is impossible and insufficient for you, then restrict yourself and follow the maximum of two Alprostadil intake and utilization within 24 hours. Besides, the erection may last longer with the use of this drug.

    How to use Alprostadil?
    Alprostadil has two clinical formulations: as a powder and as a urethral suppository. If you prefer direct injection, then the powder is recommended for you. The said formulation comes with a special liquid included inside its package which is used together with the powder to create an injectable mixture. Once it is done, then alprostadil is good to be injected into the organ. The erection may come 5 to 20 minutes after injection.

    Alprostadil suppository also exists alongside injectables. This formulation is accessible because all you need to do is insert the tablet into the penis’s urinary opening. The erection in this process comes earlier in between 5 to 10 minutes after placing the pellet.

    Either of the two that you choose to use, the drug must be applied before the sexual intercourse. Nonetheless, never forget to read the prescriptions carefully and follow the directions provided. Also, do not hesitate to ask your physician if anything confuses you or if there’s something that you want to know more about the drug intake or application.

    What to do before Alprostadil Intake?
    To avoid issues and complications on the use of alprostadil drug, assess yourself first if the condition of your body is safe for this kind of drug intake. Do not neglect your allergies to prevent unwanted reactions. Review as well your medical history including penile implant, heart problem, high or low blood pressure, and bleeding problems. Thus, to ensure that alprostadil drug is safe for you, always consult your doctor and never take the first step by yourself.

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