• Sunday 23 December 2018

    Learn how to look fabulous in T-shirts

    T-shirts are one of the most common forms of clothing that is worn by men and women equally. They are simple an easy, yet they can give us a completely different look when they are paired with different clothing. T-shirts can give you a very street style look. They have endless possibilities and you can create numerous trendy looks with their help.

    Why go for complicated tops and dresses for women when you can achieve the same amount of trendiness while wearing a comfortable t-shirt. Well t-shirts can also be of different types and each can help you create a completely different look form the other. But the main difference is made by the type of clothing you pair with the tee. Different colours of the t-shirt will help you create contrast and look vibrant. Striped and printed tees can also look great. Next the fit of your t-shirt should depend on what your personal style is. If you like body hugging t-shirts, go for it; if you like baggy t-shirts then get them; if you like to mix and match, then get both.

    Here are a few styling tips to help you achieve that edgy style that you wanted with the help of basic t-shirts.

    • What could be a better combination than a white t-shirt and a black jacket? Your boring white t-shirt will instantly add some cool points when you wear a black jacket on top of it. This style of layering a jacket over a simple white t-shirt is extremely comfortable and suits well with every figure. So no matter what size you are, you are sure to rock this outfit.

    • Most people wear their t-shirts with pants at all times. They believe that t-shirts are meant to be worn with pants. Well the time for change has come. Now you should try wearing your t-shirts with different types of skirts. Allow your legs to relax for a while by wearing comfortable skirts. You can wear a baggy t-shirt with flared skirts, pencil skirts, midi skirts, etc. 

    • When you want to leave it quite simple and casual you should go for the denim look. There is an obvious reason why people wear their basic t-shirts with their denim pants. Even though it is so simple, it makes you look super cool. Just tuck in your basic tee inside your denim skinny jeans and you are done. You can choose to wear or not wear a long coat on top of it. 

    • Have you ever tried the t-shirt and shirt combination? If not, then this is going to be your go to outfit for any casual occasion. Just opt for a plain, basic t-shirt and wear a striped shirt on top of it. Choose a shirt with a colour that contrasts your t-shirt. This layered up outfit can be worn with your jeans or even leggings. 

    • Ripped jeans and a cropped tee can give you a stylish yet rugged appearance. High-waist distressed jeans will look awesome when it is paired with a simple cropped tee.

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