• Monday 26 November 2018

    Significance of abnormal Pap smear when you are pregnant

    The moment you are a lady of child bearing age you might have had your own share of pap smears. Abnormal pap smears during pregnancy seems to be something that is not unheard off. It can point to actual cancer or not in most cases. Nearly 1 out of 1000 women is going to have cancer. Pregnancy is not going to increase or decrease the risk; it does pose a different challenge. You ought to be aware that a couple of life is at stake.

    Though it is on the rarer side, one of the most common types of cancers during pregnancy appears to be a pap smear. This appears to be a cancer or the mouth of the womb. This underscores the importance of a pap smear as a recurring feature of prenatal care. Not only it is suggested during the course of pregnancy but it is an absolute must.

    If you do not end up passing the Pap test
    It appears to be a test that you do not want to pass. But in case the results do come back abnormal, there is no need to panic. Hormonal changes or inflammation could trigger an abnormal or an innocent pap. It is not a diagnostic test, but a mere screening test. When the results turn out abnormal by the medium of biopsy the surgeon has to do a diagnosis. Regular follow up with colposcopy would help you to figure out whether the symptoms are becoming worse. In fact there are many dysplasias’ that tend to fade on its own after pregnancy.

    Which are the types of pregnancies that are most prone to risks?
    For a woman who has gone on to keep with her regular appointments, before you become pregnant there would be no need for a cone biopsy. The reason being progression till that point of time would be quick if recent pap smears have gone on to occur. For a woman who does go on to need cone biopsy in pregnancy would be one who has not a cone biopsy for several years. At that point of time the abnormal Pap smear may point to a lesion which does have the time in extending up to the root canal.

    As cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for a woman who is of child bearing age, it is obvious that it can occur in a pregnant patient. If good routine care is undertaken, pregnancy is indeed going to be a lot complicated by pre-cancerous lesion that calls for a conservative approach. It would be undertaking colposcopy to cone biopsy all the way. But till there is no occurrence of cervical cancer pregnancy seems fine. So from the above discussion it is obvious that abnormal pap and pregnancy is not something that is unheard off. The doctor is going to undertake a pap smear if it is due on the patient. Only a little bit of bleeding may occur in an extra way.

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