• Saturday 24 November 2018

    Is vaping a safer alternative to smoking? What does the FDA have to say?

    Electronic cigarettes are one of the most common tobacco products that are used by the present generation youth. In the year 2016, around 2 million high school students in America claimed to have used e-cigarettes within the past 60 days. So, does that mean this is just a youth habit? Are e-cigarettes only popular among the young generation? In the year 2015, 14.6% adults had also tried vaping an e-cigarette and among them only 4% took to vaping on a regular basis. Considering the harm caused by tobacco cigarettes to human health, the next question is whether or not vaping is a safer alternative than traditional cigarettes.

    If you take into account the verdicts of this top rated vape company, you will get to know that vaping has somewhat become too commonplace these days both among the youth and among the adults who are trying hard to quit smoking. Read on to know about its effects.

    Vaping – What is it?

    Vaping involves the inhaling and exhaling of vapors from the e-cigarette cartridges and this is a growing phenomenon among the youth of US. E-cigs consist of a battery which is a lithium one and which is rechargeable, a cartridge, an atomizer, other flavourings and several other chemicals. It has also got a sensor and an LED light. When the battery provides power to the atomizer, the cartridge gets heated up thereby releasing nicotine and other chemicals which are inhaled from the device. The LED light gives the sensation of a burning cigarette.

    Nicotine is the main addictive element contained in regular cigarettes and you can add this in e-cigs as well. However, here you can control the strength of nicotine that you take in. The vapour of the e-cig takes the flavor of the liquid that is contained in the cartridge and you can choose from a wide array of flavours.

    The benefits of e-cigarettes

    Though vaping doesn’t include ingesting tobacco, smokers still keep on inhaling nicotine and several other toxic chemicals called carcinogens. If regular smokers are looking for an alternative to smoking so that they could quit this bad habit, vaping could help them. However, users should never combine their choices where they continue vaping and smoking at the same time. Moreover the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that e-cigs aren’t good for the youth, for pregnant women and for young adults.

    Therefore now that you know the details on e-cigs, get one for yourself so that you could bid goodbye to your bad habit of smoking and start vaping.

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