• Monday 29 October 2018

    Competitive Stance to Tackle GRE with Coaching

    One of the most competitive exams for students wishing to study in foreign universities, GRE is equally essential because you will not get admission without a good GRE score. Since you can take GRE five times a year and cancel scores of tests where you do not perform well, this does not seem to be an issue.

    Pick a good institute
    We have plenty of time to get prepared for graduate school so it is worth spending some time going through the structure of the tests and understanding one's strong and weak points. One can do this by taking a practice test from one of the institutes that gives coaching for students taking their GRE. To understand the intricacies of the test, one must approach an institute that gives proper coaching. It is better to choose one that is the oldest in India and has the maximum number of branches and has a record of coaching students at both the national and international level for competitive exams. It is easy to find such GRE coaching institutes in Delhi by merely going online.

    Break up of the test
    For those that need a breakup of the test structure (it helps you plan your prep) here it is. It has three parts - Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Being a computer generated test, no two students will get an identical test paper. The test has a maximum score of 340 and if you get 325, it is enough to assure you a seat in one of the top universities around the world.

    Doing the Analytical Writing part
    The Analytical Writing part is difficult because you need to answer the questions in a specific way. You have to analyze two things. One is an Argument and the other is an Issue. Taking a stand on the Issue, you have to form your argument for and against it. In your conclusion, you must argue against the opposing view and show why you are correct. In analyzing the argument, you have to construct viewpoints. Then, you must show how one perspective of the argument is correct while the other is wrong. One must practice beforehand so that one is able to instantly make an argument or construct a viewpoint whatever be the argument. You can get GRE training in Delhi for this from any of the top institutes in the locality.

    Tackling the Verbal Reasoning part
    In the Verbal Reasoning, you will have to read passages and show your understanding of it. Then, you will be questioned on it and you have to answer the questions after careful thought. The questions will be framed on the context of usage of the words and so you might be carried away by the argument of the passage and draw a different conclusion from what you need to. For this, you need to have a good command over the language and the usage of the words in different contexts so that you are able to see what they mean in this particular context.

    In the Quantitative reasoning part, they check for your mathematical skills. It will involve algebra and real world problem solving.

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