• Monday, 23 April 2018

    Embarking on a vision to locate the right ENT specialist

    With medical information being part of books along with internet sources, the onus is on the patients to be more knowledgeable and understand their medical conditions in a better way. Sadly this is not the case. One of the main reasons for such a scenario is lack of perspective. The knowledge of the disease has no way to make up if you do lack in relation to the perspective part. The patients do find themselves in a difficult situation if they are not aware on how to cope up with this disorder. The problem is compounded all the more if the doctors are not trustworthy. Before you go on to choose the best ENT surgeon in India there are some tips that would help you. This does help you to figure out whether the doctor is acting in the best interests of the patient or not. Keep away from ENT surgeons who adopt the following

    • Rely on the scare method- this is a common procedure that a doctor adopts in order to convince a patient to go for a certain treatment. Do keep away from surgeons who pressurize you to have surgery at the shortest time frame possible. There are very few ENT issues that do require immediate surgery of any type. It would be prudent on your part to wait for a few days before you think on the lines of a surgery. If you wait a long time it is not going to have an impact on the outcome of the condition and this is in particular reference to surgery.
    • If the doctor says that your case is the worst that he has come across, then it is likely that he is the worst doctor as well. All this is done with the impression that you would need immediate course of treatment. If you happen to be the worst he has seen then it is clearly a sign that he has few patients or he cannot be relied as well. A better doctor will present you with a lot of options as far as treatment is concerned. In case of some options the desired outcome may be a bit better but the patient is for sure presented with a lot of options for sure.
    • Stay away from doctors who boast too much about their achievements. Yes to a certain degree advertisements are ok as then only clients will come. But if things tend to go over the top then do be a bit careful. Once a lot of information is presented the option does present that the doctor is the only one who can cure your problem. Do rely on your gut feeling that things too much would not be good.
    • If the doctor is of the opinion that he will deceive your medical insurer then the chances are that they are going to lie to you as well.
    • To conclude the patient should feel comfortable with the recommendations and the thought process of the doctor.

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