• Friday 2 February 2018

    Tips to Make the Program assessment more efficient

    As per the research made so far on the assessments options that are offered by the organization, it has been noticed that not every company is able to use it in the right manner. The focus of the organization for choosing assessment as the platform of hiring needs to be on encompassing the formative assessment that would offer better summative and learning solution for certification. It must also focus in the immediate task and how retention of the employees can be handled. It must also lead to the leading process at the same time area of scope for the employees.

    Know the objective of creating the assessment:

    When you come up with different strategies and solution on how you can make your assessment solution stronger, you first have to make a good research. There are variety of key issues and dilemmas that are associated that needs to be studied well. Know whether your assessment objective was getting wrong and then come up with a template of action. Focus on your assessment and make the right use of hiring tool. This will make it clear for you on why you need such assessment and how much each resource should invest his time in the job opening that your company has come up with.

    Create the assessment schedule for hiring:

    You need to adapt certain changes in the assessment that you make. Suppose your assessment is not meeting the evolving needs then there is no point in conducting such option for hiring. If you are solely focusing on the low level positions but when it comes to hiring senior management, you don’t have the right organizational assessment solution then probably you need to change your rout. Focus and divide the level of people and come up with the assessment schedule and when it is supposed to be used and for which level of the people.

    Design the assignment that meets your requirements:

    Solely don’t just go and create a random assessment. Research and analyse what all job profile expectations you have from the candidate and accordingly come up with the questions that would make it easy for you to analyse and understand whether the candidate can actually face the situations if it comes in the real life. Besides, set the right time line for each question that a person is expected to solve in that time frame.

    There is no doubt that with the different program assessment platforms coming across in the market you might wonder whether it is a trusting source or not. However, the fact is with right assessment practices, you will be able to hire the right candidate at minimal cost. Not only this, it also enhances the overall working practice of the organization and ensure that a better transparency amongst the em0ployer and employee is met. Certainly, it is one crucial investment that a person is expected to meet. However, the recruiter needs to be well aware about the changing marketing trends and accordingly come up with right assessment platform.

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    1. Great article! I would like to add one more point when it comes to creating the objective of the assessment. Recruiter must have detailed discussion with the hiring manager about the exact requirement and then decide the list of skills which are needed to be evaluated.

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