• Wednesday 31 January 2018

    6 Benefits of Online shopping in Mauritius

    Over the internet, consumers are able to buy directly goods and services from sellers. This is a form of electronic commerce. In a web browser, consumers can visit the seller's official website and get the details of the products they sell. The interested buyers purchase the goods they like on the website. Online shopping customers can pay money through debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and cash on delivery. The sellers also provide offers, discounts and coupons to the customers on their products. In the rise of the internet in 90's E-commerce emerged in this world. It is the new type of shopping. E-commerce is an internet platform where online trades are done. Through online shopping Business to Business and Business to Customers, trade is provided. Online shopping Mauritius adapts to changes and innovation. For onlineshopping Mauritius, many of the stores offer their products online.

    Online shopping Mauritius:

    In Mauritius, the computer literacy is also increasing. Due to heavy work schedules, people of Mauritius feel free to shop goods online than in offline stores. People who do not have time to visit offline stores prefer online stores for shopping. Through Online Shopping Mauritius many people get advantages. Both the buyers and sellers will have an advantage with this online shopping. But the main drawback that lies in online shopping Mauritius is bonding between the buyers and sellers. In Mauritius, many retail and wholesale shops have decided to embark on the online experience and are showing interest to e-commerce. Many online stores deal with the products like:

    a.         Fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, wine, food
    b.         Airline tickets
    c.         Event tickets
    d.         Electronic goods including mobiles, computers, cameras
    e.         Clothes
    f.        Gifts

    Pros and Cons of Online Shopping Mauritius:

    1.   Stores are open all the time.
    2.   Online shoppers will rarely have to deal with aggressive salespeople.
    3.  No annoying Crowd: Since all the transaction is done online, customers can avoid long queues and save valuable time in the process.
    4.  Product experience: Online retailers will ask the buyers to post reviews about the product. So, buyers can know about others users experience towards the product.
    5.   More Number of choices as many small sellers come forward and sell their goods at one place.
    6.   Low operating costs for the online stores.

    In Mauritius, people consider price and quality as a reason for online shopping. They are least considered about the product presentation and salespeople advice as they may mislead in shopping of goods. Chance of accepting online shopping in Mauritius, i.e., e-commerce in Mauritius is more positive these days. Security is the drawback in online shopping. Free, rapid delivery and money back guarantee were found to be an encouragement to the customers for online shopping. Each and every service which is now being provided in the current market also comes with its fair share of limitations. However, with the emergence of the internet and the advancement of technology the concept of online shopping has become comparatively easier where the customer requirement is fulfilled adequately.

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