• Tuesday 16 January 2018

    5 Ways To Create An Organized Multi-Utility Living Space

    Did you know your home can function as an excellent multitasker for you? Find out how.
    A home is more than simply a destination to eat and rest. It is also a location to amuse, work, exercise and play in as well. With the right multi-purpose room ideas, your home provides a great deal of functions, even without much space.
    Changing a home into the one that is more useful is as comfortable as turning living areas like the dining area, living room and extra room into multipurpose places.

    #1. Multitasking #Woffice or #Coffice

    When you have a wardrobe in your study room or the office, you can change it into a wardrobe office (can we call it a woffice?) or you can use your coffee table as your office desk, or I would love to call it a ‘coffice.’ Your office outfitted with this ‘coffice’ can be both a workspace and an inviting visitor room.
    Maximize your storage area by adding light colored display cabinets with glass doors, white computer desk hooks, a couch and a high gloss white table. Remove the extra ones if you are not using them.

    Utilize Your Corners

    An often forgotten and least-utilized space in the house is the corners. With a corner wardrobe or a large corner desk, you can have enough space to de-clutter, or write your next masterpiece. Small or large corner desks use your small places more efficiently. Therefore, they are employed as one of the central elements in the tiny corner spaces. You can also place a tall white chest or a contemporary open back bookcase.

    Corner shelving adds significantly to the living area, creating ample space for you to put decorative items, books or plants to get that stylish nook-look.

    Play on Textures in the Bedroom Setup

    Keeping the textures from grey, black and white; you can give your bedroom a fantastic look.
    High gloss black furniture will perfectly contrast with white gloss storage unit. Alternatively placed white gloss cupboards and black gloss wardrobes will fill the bedroom with soft lines and appealing texture. Playing with the B&W hues with these storage units will give you an ample storage space and a great idea to de-clutter.

    In case you love to work in your bedroom, add more functional furniture items like stylish shelves, elegant lamps, and a decorative chair to bring on some pizzazz.
    You can also think of utilizing your bedroom space vertically.

    high sleeper beds with wardrobes or the multitasker bunk beds greatly offer your guests and kids an expanded work area during the day while transforming into comfortable sleeping stations at night.

    Merge & Centralize

    Transform your visitor’s room into a laundry room by incorporating a high utility cupboard that can be the home to all your laundry stuff. If you do not welcome guests that often, you can utilize the room as a home office or a craft space or make it a lounge area with the help of foldable furniture items like wall beds and transforming tables.
    You can also add TV display unit to convert your guest room into a home theatre.

    #5. Convert Your Roof Space

    Use your roof space smartly to store away seasonal items or other stuff that you do not use frequently.

    Creating an area that serves several purposes may appear challenging. However, with space-sensitive, high utility furniture, and some innovative and smart design strategies, you can have that multi-purpose living room while keeping your space visually appealing yet functional. 

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