• Tuesday 26 September 2017

    How good is exercising during pregnancy?

    Not very long ago, it was considered wrong to exercise during pregnancy. But, today the myth that exercise can ham your baby is slowly receding. We now see more and more doctors suggesting to stay active during pregnancy in order to give birth to a healthy baby. So, all those women who think that they might do something harmful to their baby if they exercise, pull up your socks for the better of your baby. After all, your health is going to influence your child’s health. Wear a kick counter wristband and begin your exercises.

    But, remember that you must consult your doctor before you begin any form of exercise because each individual is different and so is each pregnancy. Your pregnancy is unique and only your doctor will know our case. So, she will be the best person to advice you about anything related to your pregnancy.

    The benefits of exercising during pregnancy –
    • Pregnant women who exercise will have lesser back pain.
    • Pregnant women who exercise will have a better body shape. They will also get back to shape faster after the delivery than the other women.
    • It improves sleep of the pregnant women.
    • The mood swings will be controlled.
    • Exercising pregnant women will be more energetic and healthy than the inactive ones.

    Here are some exercising tips for pregnant women –

    This is one exercise that is considered universally save for pregnant women. When you are not sure about the heavy exercises, walking is the safest option. You will not be exerting much pressure on your body. Also, it is the best cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, and you can walk all through your pregnancy.

    Women who have always been runners can continue to run once they have got the consent of their doctor. Maintain a slow pace, or just jog for half an hour to relax your body muscles and stay active. Make sure you choose a nice path for the jogging as you should not tumble or fall.

    Many experts feel that swimming is the best form of exercise for pregnant women. It strengthens most of the body muscles and burns extra calories. It also reduces swelling that may occur during pregnancy. Swimming is especially helpful for women with low back aches.

    If you are a dancer, then you surely do not have to give up on your hobby. We have seen and heard of many passionate dancers who have given dance shows when they were heavily pregnant and expecting a baby anytime soon. Just make sure that you avoid difficult leaps, jumps, twirls and moves. You can dance inside your house if you feel like. It is also a form of stress buster to pregnant women who are having mood swings.

    One more form of exercise that will balance your mind and body during pregnancy is yoga. It will help you in flexing your muscles and strengthen your bones. Learn safe yoga postures from an expert. Maintain a daily pregnancy calendar to chart your journey.

    These are some forms of exercises that you can do during your pregnancy.

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