• Monday 11 September 2017

    A Broad Overview Of the BMW 7 Series- the Flagship Sedan of the Past Decade

    Who doesn’t love power? BMW knew it soon, and the 7 Series headed only to meet expectations. These models flowed in ample number and won the hearts of many as well.

    You don’t have to look back while even asking for the BMW 7 Series. The brand has already created the flagship Sedan and it wasn’t a failure at all in competing with the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S Class, and even the Jaguar XJ. Definitely, the 7 Series had the necessary edge in both the compartments- style and performance. All the 7 Series that rolled out in the market in between 2002 and 2008, were primarily considered to be radical and the design was somewhat claimed to be unattractive. However, as time went by, the BMW 7 Series turned out to be the most influential model for some of the giants like Audi and Mercedes as well.

    So, here is BMW setting trends as far as design and style are concerned. Let’s now get a bit more logical and find out a couple of reasons why getting the BMW 7 Series was always a better choice back then.

    • Firstly, the rear seats that BMW provided were enormous, and still, the current models are so spacious that an entire Golf kit can fit in the trunks of stretched L versions.

    • If you’ve got to impress anyone, just get that person seated by your side inside a BMW 7 Series. The V8 engine has always been praised by the BMW repair mechanics and the performance is beyond any mention.

    Even if you keep all these logic aside, there’s another solid reason why you would like to have a BMW 7 Series that rolled in between 2002-2008. The cherry on the cake was V12 in the 760 and the Alpina B7 variant that rolled in the market. Keeping aside the optional features, most of the Standard 7 Series featured six-speed automatic transmission, leather seating, the adaptive Xenon headlights, the amazing Logic 7 Premium sound system and a complete set of safety equipment that ensured the best quality ride.

    However, there were some milestones that each of these versions had, and as a result of it, it only got better every singly year. Just go out and ask any of the technicians that performed BMW repair Greensboro, you’ll find them repeating those feats in a complete flow. The reason is simple, those milestones are not to be forgotten.

    2003 marked the beginning for the new V12 engine which embraced the 760Li trim and to enhance the safety issues a complete full-length side curtain airbags were made standard in all. Even the Active Cruise Control was incorporated so that the best driving technology could be revived on road. Come next year, and you will definitely find the adaptive headlights being made standard in all the models with a satellite radio that will help the vehicle earn entertainment factor.

    Similar such features were added in the following years, but the year 2009 marked the beginning of the new Series completely. Development is an ever going process, and BMW has proved it for years together.

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    Justin Carlos is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics. He is a car enthusiast too and has previous experience working in centers of BMW repair in Greensboro NC.

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