• Wednesday 5 July 2017

    Enjoy Cakes without Any Hectic Baking

    Baking cakes is simple yet complex task. Today baking a cake has just not remained that simple cake baking as it used to be in 16th or 17th century. Baking has evolved as a hobby, as a business and as a passion and love for cooking and baking. Cakes today are not only baked in simple manner but the bakers have invented new techniques of creating cakes. Online business of baking cakes has got a new high in India as well as abroad. You can now Order cake in Udaipur, No bake cakes are all the more hit there.  Creating new techniques of making cakes, simpler ways yet innovative in their own sense. These are new cakes for not only first timers but also for those who are a pro at baking cakes. 

    There are a plenty of no bake cakes recipes which are a huge hit amongst the youngsters and kids who want gorgeous looking cakes but in no time. From cookies to tarts to pies to mars bites to cheesecakes, all are no bake cakes. A huge hit in the country; online too doing excellently well. Now you can go for Online Cake Delivery in Udaipur, rather a no bake cake.

    No bake cakes are the best idea to host any house party. It is not only those cakes will be prepared only on birthdays or special occasion, but now these are a huge hit. You can opt for no bake cakes for desserts and any house warming party. Also if you are looking for fun parties for kids, these no bake cakes will be great treat. Easy to make and loved by all.

    You can set these no bake cakes in fridge and in no time these will be ready. People opt for these, especially when it comes to flavors. One can infuse many flavors in these fridge cakes. You can try the easiest one which is the Oreo cheesecakes or cupcakes or tarts. Perfect treat for sharing with friends and family.

    Most no-bake cakes can be made and eaten on the same day but it needs a bit of time to set. Hence you need to go through the recipe thoroughly to make so as to make sure that you prepare it perfectly. You need to read the method thoroughly. You also need to be very careful in adding all the ingredients to making so that you know what exactly are timings are and which ingredients you need to add to your food shop list.

    Here is one simple recipe for no bake cake.

    Chocolate Biscuit cake –
    This is one of the real classic cake and simple to prepare. Satiating recipe soothes the taste buds and loved by the kids.
    • 125g butter
    • 60g caster sugar
    • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
    • 2 tbsp syrup
    • 2 tbsp milk
    • 250g biscuit, or any plain biscuits like a digestive, or a mixture, roughly crushed
    • 60g walnuts pieces, chopped
    • 60g raisins

    Put the butter, sugar, cocoa, sugar syrup and milk in a pan and heat gently on low flame. Stir it till all the mixture melts to make a chocolate sauce. Add the crushed biscuits, walnuts, raisins and vanilla and put the mixture into the tin. Chill in the fridge until set firm. Cut into squares and serve.

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