• Tuesday 13 June 2017

    Car tyre replacement: 5 common myths debunked

    Undoubtedly, car tyres are one of the most important features of a vehicle and being the only contact point with the road, it’s vital they stand up to the mark and kept well-maintained all through. Most of us have yet to realise the importance and understand the true potential of car tyre replacement that may get a little complicated at times. Let’s debunk a few common myths surrounding the tyres!

    1. Replacing front tyres is more important than the rear
    Although, rear tyres actually bear most of the pressure or provide bulk of the stability to the vehicle, the concept of replacing just one side while leaving the other is totally wrong. If you’re braking or steering on wet terrains, it’s the rear tyres that maintain most of the balance and prevent the vehicle from out-of-control spinning.

    With this, only replacing the front tyres would cause water to repel to the rear wheels thereby putting more pressure on them. Just in case the rear wheels have less tread than the front, immediately contact car tyre replacement centre and have them checked without delay!

    2. Unused tyres never degrade
    This is yet another misleading information! Tyres are made of a composite of many different chemicals and compounds with each brand and manufacturer having their specific recommendations when it comes to car tyre replacement.
    As we speak, some would suggest replacing them every five years regardless of the tread depth whereas some may even degrade even if they aren’t driven on. In case your vehicle has been standing in the garage for years, replacement is a necessary rather than just refilling.

    . Excess pumping would burst the tyres
    While this is true but not always! There’re times when even the slightest pump would cause the tyre to immediately burst. On the contrary, good quality tyres manufactured by renowned tyre producers can even survive even if you pump them past the limit mentioned on the tyre’s sidewall. Burst is the result if you actually over pump them so it’s always good to approach a professional service station and have them checked properly.

    4. All tyres are air-filled
    If you’re planning to own the car tyres, this is probably true however, not all tyres are air-filled as there’re many different substances. In fact, racing cars and air jets have their tyres filled with nitrogen that maintains pressure far better than air. As nitrogen contains zero percent moisture, it’s likely to seep out less which means no frequent refilling. Air-filled tyres have approximately 21 percent moisture that can further corrode the wheel rims.

    5. There aren’t any tyre laws
    This is totally wrong in fact; every country has different tyre laws pertinent to the tread depth, the cycle of car tyre replacement, mileage and so on. In many advanced and developed countries, driving with worn tyres may cause severe fine and worst case scenario would be cancellation of the driver’s license. So to avoid this, always conduct regular tyre check yourself and in case of any suspicion, head for a professional tyre service station.

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