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    Tips On How To Plan Successful Murder Mystery Parties

    There are events and moments in one’s life that usually happen once a year or a lifetime so we would like this day to be very special and memorable. As hosts, we need to carefully plan the celebration, especially when you want to throw this party as a surprise and you will do everything to fill it with fun and entertainment as well. It would be too boring to only gather the guests at home or in a venue for simple dining so you should make a twist by integrating murder mystery parties into the event.

    Well, for some people this idea may sound too childish but you should know that this could be a way to bring family members and friends closer. Let's say that this is an experience that can improve and change the social lifestyle of the hosts or guests because everybody will have to participate and even an audience will feel that he is a part of this mysterious event. That's why if you are the host of this party, then you need to plan this well and understand every detail of the preparation.

    The success of this celebration will depend on the hosts but he needs help from other friends or members of the family because he needs to choose a game, theme, setting, venue, food, and send invitations. Sometimes, you may also have to hire an expert in planning a murder mystery party or simply purchase games, kits, and packages for the said event. What you just need to keep in mind here is how you can plan the celebration, perform the game, and make it a successful party for the celebrant and visitors to enjoy.

    Murder Mystery Parties and Games
    When we say murder mystery games, it pertains to a game that is usually done at a party where one of the guests will be assigned as a murderer or could be not known and the other visitors should be able to find out who this secret criminal is. The participants need to discover him while investigating during the event – go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_mystery_game for further reading. This could also be in a form of performances during team building or public for entertainment purposes.

    For small groups with less than 20 heads, it could be played during dinner, while larger groups may have more than 20 to 250 participants or more. It would be simpler to plan in small groups like family members or a circle of friends because finding a theme, as well as fancy costumes, would be easier to avail. Though in corporate purposes like team building, it is more focused on communication to improve the relationship of the employees or members of a certain organization.

    Organizing a small party with this activity is quite complicated when you are not used to it because it requires planning. However, it would be great to have a host who can help you prepare for this event, especially when it is for a large gathering. That's why you have to carefully choose a game that will suit the event and make sure that this will turn out as a success.

    The theme will depend on the number of guests and things they are interested in most so it would be great to list this down. This could be movies, places, food, sports, and hobbies. In this way, you will be able to identify the common interests of your visitors.

    You may eliminate the ones with fewer characters and pick what interests you most as the host or the celebrant. In cases where you are organizing for a large group, you better ask for ideas from a professional to make the plan run smoothly and stress-free.


    Remember that you need ample time for planning and preparation if you would like this game to be successful. But we need to write a script or a story to make this play more organized and we are not all skilled writers so completing this may take some time. Anyway, there are already available scripts that you can avail of from various murder mystery game experts, and through their help, you can save time, though this is not usually free or it may go with the packages and kits.

    With the scripted stories, the guests will be given dialogue to read so they can do the acting, depending on the characters that they will play. There are no scripts for a free play story which means that the participants should be able to act and speak in a prompt. They are allowed to create their dialogues and this is a time to show their creativity as they play their character.

    First of all, you have to be in your character so act naturally. This is just a game and the hosts should not allow anything to spoil the party. Everybody should have fun and be entertained.

    Lastly, guests should do as the script says. These dialogues are only shared among the participants and must be confidential so that others will not easily find out who the murderer is. A free play rule is easy - click here to read the rule for a wink murder game.

    For a more successful game, you should be able to provide the costumes because the actions will be more natural when the actors are wearing costumes. I supposed you can choose a theme where you can easily get costumes and props in your area. The host should plan this ahead of time, especially when the costumes and props are made to order, though it would be great if they can also bring their costumes.

    Do not forget that the make-up is also a part of their costume. I guess you can hire a professional make-up artist here. The play will look more realistic with good make-up so put some effort into this, too.

    This will depend on your preferred theme and setting. You do not need to overdo it. Just make sure that the most important decors are present, especially when it is done at home.

    You may buy brand new or old stuff as long as it helps in accomplishing the theme. We need to decorate the place accordingly so that the guests can feel the environment. In this way, they can feel at ease and comfortable.

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