• Sunday 21 July 2019

    How to take care of cashmere knitwear?

    Pure and genuine cashmere knitwear is a delight to wear, the softness, lightness, and the natural properties of the cashmere make the knitwear very comfortable to wear. The cashmere knitwear can be worn throughout the year, in the winters to give warmth to the body and in summers and springs cool down the body.

    This natural property of cashmere knitwear makes its all-time favorite wear. You can either buy cashmere knitwear for yourself or even as a gift for a special person. No matter what the reason it is bought for, one thing is quite clear that the money spent on the cashmere knitwear would be every pennyworth.

    The cashmere knitwear is quite costly, and most people even buy cashmere knitwear as an investment.  If the knitwear is used often or you want to store it, the cashmere knitwear has to be taken care of. 

    The cashmere knitwear is mostly known for its softness, lightness, and durability. Once you buy cashmere knitwear if you take good care of it; the cashmere knitwear will serve you for a very long time.

    Here are some tips which can help you for taking care of your precious cashmere knitwear,

    • Wash at home with a mild shampoo
    Hand wash the cashmere knitwear with a mild detergent or a baby shampoo, the hand wash helps the cashmere knitwear to remain soft.

    • Dry the knitwear on the dry towel without wringing
    After washing, lay the knitwear on a dry towel and press it to rinse off the extra water. Repeat the process if required. This will help the knitwear to retain its shape without wrinkling.

    • Try spot wash instead of a full wash
    If the knitwear is washed to remove a stain, wash off that spot instead of the whole knitwear. This will help you in getting rid of the strain leaving the other whole knitwear dry.

    • Iron the cashmere inside out with very mild heat
    While ironing the knitwear make it inside out and then iron on a very mild temperature. By doing so, the knitwear will get iron without actually damaging the cashmere.

    • Store in a clean, dry and moth free storage place
    The cashmere knitwear can be worn through the year, however, if you are planning to store it, keep it in a cotton bags, away from sunlight, in a cool and dry place with mothball surrounding the package. The main idea is to keep the cashmere away from any dampness or direct sunlight. As both these things can affect the durability of the cashmere knitwear.

    These were some simple tips by which your cashmere knitwear can remain in good condition for a very long time. The knitwear can be worn in any season including the rainy season, however, if the knitwear gets wet in the rains dry it immediately, as rainwater will not affect the cashmere but dampness will. So take well care of your cashmere by keeping it dry.

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