• Monday 24 June 2019

    Wasps - Why are they a Threat to Your Home in Richmond Hill?

    Did you know that wasps are actually a general term used to identify over more than 19,000 species of stinging insects? These include the common yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps.

    However, why are wasps so dangerous? Perhaps it is because most stinging insects die when they sting, whereas wasps do not, allowing to sting multiple times. They are extremely territorial creatures who are very aware of their surroundings. They work in numbers, and when it comes to defending their nest, they become seriously aggressive.

    Wasps are very communicative, and they communicate with each other though releasing different kinds of pheromones. These pheromones carry a particular message which is received by other wasps and then acted upon.

    Why are they Dangerous?
    • Wasps are extremely aggressive insects that go at all lengths protecting their nest.
    • Each wasp sting can cause extreme pain and can take a week to heal completely.
    • Multiple sting bites can even cause serious injury to the central nervous system.
    • Wasp bites can cause serious allergic reactions that vary from person to person.
    • These bites can also cause extreme anaphylactic shocks in some people.
    • They attack in packs making more damage and neutralizing almost anything that stands in their way.
    How do Wasps begin Nesting?
    Many of us have seen wasps swarming around our backyard, garbage bins and sometimes inside the house. Wasps are very stubborn in nature and if they decide they will nest near your house. Even if one wasp decides to nest, the colony will help. They will find anything to hang their nest on and start looking for food around your home.
    How do you identify a Wasp?
     There are mostly three kinds of wasps found in Richmondhill area. These are:
    • Paper Wasps
    • Yellow Jacket Wasps
    • Solitary Hornets
    It is seriously advised to not try to get close to these insects for identification and always seek professional help from pest control or management services. 

    Wasps and Diseases
    Wasps can bring many kinds of allergic reactions to humans. They can contaminate any surface they walk in and can spread germs and diseases. A single wasp has the capacity to spread disease and allergies in a single household in just a month. Their saliva is very venomous for humans and causes many skin allergies in most children and adults.
    Wasps are very unpredictable and insecure insects. They attack every chance they get. They will attack if they feel threatened or disturbed while scavenging, pollinating or if their nest is under attack.  It’s why you need wasp nest removal services in Richmond Hill for your home.

    What can you do to prevent a wasp attack?
    • Firstly, it is important to trace the wasps and stay clear of their patrolling areas.
    • Secondly, it is highly recommended not to try any DIY wasp nest removal techniques or methods and practices. Most wasp attacks are encountered when trying to remove their nest without having proper knowledge and preparations.
    Looking for wasp nest removal services in Richmond Hill?
    With the Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc, you have nothing to worry. Seek professional help and remain pest free with our wasp nest removal services in Richmond Hill. Subscribe to one of our annual packages for residents in Richmond Hill, and you can be guaranteed to have a pest free home all through the year!

    We ensure that you don’t have to worry about wasps anymore. Here is what we can do.

    Contact us for the most secure way to remove any kind of wasp infestation in or around your property.


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