• Monday, 10 June 2019

    Make Father's Day Special for Your Dad with Flowers

    Do you know the first and most fun fact about Father's Day? It is always celebrated on the third Sunday, every June, which means the day will always be a holiday! Now you don’t even need to take a leave or plan beforehand to be able to spend the day with your Dad, the man who has played the most significant role in making who you are today. Treat your Dad this Father’s Day with amazing flowers that best expresses your respect and gratitude.

    Father’s Day : The custom of celebrating Father's Day came into existence from April 24, 1972 after US President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation in 1966. Today Father’s Day is celebrated with gifts and tokens, to honour fathers for their immense patience and sacrifices that they make for their families. However, to express your love and respect, accompany the gifts for your Dad with a little bit of your time, and go for a family outing and do a few fun activities like things that your father is most likely to enjoy the most.

    Flowers for your Father
    Often, when someone thinks of flower bouquets, they think of roses, tulips, orchids or daisies which are known to be the most feminine flowers. However, arranged differently will be great to be gifted at Father’s Day flowers! Sending your father an arrangement of orchids, a bunch of roses or a mixed bouquet is always a satisfying option. The special thing about flowers is that they can make anyone’s day special and make them feel good. Gift your Dad a special bouquet of flowers to make him smile that proud father’s smile this Father’s Day!

    Here are the best flowers for Father’s Day that can be the best gifts for your Dad-

    1. Roses : Like the carnation is the official flower for Mother’s Day, a Rose is the official flower for Father’s Day.  Are great gifts for yourDad? They’re not usually thought of as flowers fit for a father; however these are beautiful flowers that can brighten up anyone’s day. Sonora Smart Dodd selected the rose for this special holiday, and in many countries, people wear roses on Father’s Day, red if dad is alive and white if he is deceased. If your father is your friend, cheer him by presenting a bouquet of fresh yellow roses to brighten up his day!

    2. Tropical Flowers : Tropical flowers will make great gifts for your dad as they are the most popular flowers to be send to men. Being very masculine with their smaller blooms and evergreen foliage, these types of flowers will catch your father’s eye, letting him relax and appreciate the tropical escape. Tropical flowers and plants can include orchids, lucky bamboo or even a bonsai. You can find the orchids and bromeliads in a variety of warm hues and the greenery of the bamboo and bonsais are eye-catching and vibrant hues dad will love. All these flowers and plants are easy to care for and can last long beyond Father’s Day.

    Apart from these flowers you can now get easily from online flower and gift shops, spend the day with your father doing fun activities that he will love the most.

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