• Wednesday, 29 May 2019

    Why And When You Need A Paternity Attorney?

    Legally recognized father may not necessarily be the biological father of the child. A person may admit to being the father of the child even with unmarried status. Then there is a case of a step-father who marries a woman with children. All these cases give rise to complex paternity issues.

    Paternity suits- 
    These issues involve the rights and obligations of the father and their children. They may result in causing problems of inheritance and legitimacy. Establishment of paternity can help a divorced or separated person seeking custody of the child. 

    Paternity attorneys- A paternity attorney is required to help his or her client in the settlement of these paternity suits. 

    An attorney may help prove the paternity of a person and, thus, may help him secure his and his children’s various rights such as visitation and entry in various records especially medical ones. It can also result in the emotional satisfaction of the father as well as the child.

    He or she may also help challenge the paternity. This involves many complicated legal processes and the attorney can help.  

    Paternity attorney’s efforts in proving or challenging the paternity can be put up as evidence in a court of law. 

    Paternity rights in Fort Lauderdale Florida-
    What does one do to establish his paternity rights in the state of Florida? The first way is for him and the child’s mother to sign an agreement. The second way is to go through a DNA test and based on it, to get a court order issued effectively. These cases are best represented by paternity attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

    Actions of the court in Fort Lauderdale-
    The aftereffects of the settlement of these suits can be many. These are time-sharing between the separated parents for visiting their children, child support and ensuring benefits of the children. A biological father may challenge the established paternity of legal father with the help of a DNA test of the mother, child and himself. This helps them in the proper upbringing of their children. They can partake in the important decisions of their children’s lives. Any of these actions cannot be properly performed without the help of paternity attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

    Paternity suits by women and children-
    At times, it may so happen that a woman bears a child but the biological father refuses to accept the responsibility of the child. She may move the court of law, get it established and force him to pay for supporting the child. Similarly, a child may move the court of law if he fails to get the acknowledgment of his biological father. The person will be forced to undergo a DNA test and if proved to be the biological father court may order him to support the child. However, a paternity attorney in Fort Lauderdale will certainly be required to get the best possible legal solutions.  

    Paternity needs to be sorted out, if needed in a court of law, and get the emotional, physical and financial issues redressed.

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