• Friday 31 May 2019

    Perfect Pendant Designs Matching With Corporate Wears

    Accessories are some of the most important parts of your attire that can make a world of a difference to the look that you wish to create for any given event. When you are dressing up in western attire for a corporate event your accessories and the jewelry that you wear becomes really important. It is imperative that you do not overdo them, which is really how it happens for many people.

    Again in an effort to keep it minimal, you should not make the affair a drab one that is also likely to happen if you do not make the jewelry smart and interesting. One of the best ways to add a spark to your look is by adding a stylish and chic Regalo pendant in Dubai so that your look is complete without being too heavy. 

    Let us take a look at some of the pendant designs that can be teamed with western formal clothes to create a perfect vision for the onlookers.

    Simple Drop Pendant – These simple drop Regalo pendants in Dubai are really chic and stylish in their looks. They have a minimalistic and a sophisticated appeal that can be so well coupled with any type of western clothes. They have a very formal and sleek look and yet never fail to add a dash of femme attraction to your look. They can come in different colors. However, a sparkling white stone or a pearl drop is always one of the most classic choices to make.

    Real Life Motifs – The market these days are flooded with exclusive designs of pendants that are taken and are inspired from real life. From small masks to love images of baking whisks to many more such cute symbols, you can select anything that will tell the onlookers scores about your personality and your likes and dislikes. 

    Dreamcatcher Pendants – These are a little big creation but if matched with the right clothes and the right colors they can be really sassy and stylish pieces of accessories. All that you need to do is carry them in the best possible manner.

    Colorful Single Stones – You can get a host of such single colorful stone Regalo pendant in Dubai. They will come in different vibrant colors like green, red, orange, purple and many more such colors. Jade is one such stone that will come in a large number of different attractive colors from which you can select.

    Stone And Crystal Studded Pendants – These are creations that are really classic and very expensive in their looks. Always look for simple and small designs so that you can wear them to any corporate formal events.

    At the time of selecting ear, studs keep it really simple and small. Too much of emphasis on the jewelry can spoil look big time. You must remember that the look has to be a stylish and simple one. It is an event and an occasion where dressing up must be sleek and subtle. It must be exciting without being loud. 

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