• Sunday, 21 April 2019

    9apps for Android a welcoming change for the users

    What is 9apps for Android?

    9apps is a play store, just like Google plays-store and is considered to be a great alternative to it. It has an excellent interface that makes navigation for the users quite easily. 9apps has everything from games, apps and ringtones to wallpaperin the app store and it is said to have more than 97 million users. This app store is completely free to download and is easily available on the internet.

    What are the significant features of the 9apps?

    9apps is a play store that is loaded with some fantastic features that make it a great alternative to the Google play store.

    ·       First and foremost the interface of the 9apps is quite user-friendly, which makes browsing through the apps and games quite easy. One can easily navigate through the play store without wasting any time.

    ·     It is a highly optimised play store, and it has been developed keeping in mind the Android users of Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    ·    The app store is light in weight, so it doesn’t take much space. Moreover, there are no technical difficulties of any kind that one has to come across while using this play store.

    ·        Although it is a third-party store it is the best amongst its competitors.

    ·      It has a huge collection of everything, be it the wallpapers, ringtones, games or applications. All the things found in this store are the latest and new in the market.

    ·      It also consists of APK files for various applications, which is quite unique and cannot be found in   any other play store.

    ·         It is available in a variety of different languages.
    ·         The required content can be downloaded with just one click.

    How can one use the 9apps?

    9apps for Android is a spectacular play store, and you can easily install the applications with browsing through the play store. The 9apps has to be first downloaded and installed and then it can be used in for the following things.

    ·         Search for the apps that you want to download.
    ·         You can share the app with friends or family.
    ·         You can select the settings to the 9apps settings.
    ·         Auto installation of application can take place.
    ·         The apk can be removed.
    ·         Save data can be used for saving power.

    How is different from the Google play store?

    Google play store and 9apps differ from each other in the following ways:

    ·    Not all applications can be found in the Google play store, while in 9apps some 30 million applications are available for installation.

    ·        In the Google play store, Google keeps track of the users, while in 9apps one is free to download and   install an app.

    ·    One has to purchase an app in the Google play store while in 9apps there is no cost for using or  downloading an app.

    ·       Google play store uses a lot of the space on the phone, while 9apps takes quite a lot of less space.
    9apps for Android is a crazy play store that has everything from wallpapers to games for the users to download.

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