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    Pre pregnancy care tips during the month of monsoon

    Emergence of monsoon evokes a natural response where you step out and enjoy rains. If you are a pregnant women respiratory disorders in pregnancy might have emerged, which would stop you from basking in the glory of rain. Respiratory disease in pregnancy medication but provides you relief but still there are some areas to address during the months of monsoon.

    A well balanced diet is a must
    A balanced diet for both the baby along with mother is important during pre-pregnancy months. But there should be no form of compromise during the monsoon months. During monsoon immunity levels are lower and emergence of numerous diseases can occur. A diet that is high on protein content might provide you the much needed protection. Consumption of soups or warm food items might be a better choice. Keep away from green leafy vegetables like cabbage as they might be carrying germs.

    In spite of cravings keep away from the outside food
    When you are pregnant you might head out with your friends and munch some street food. All of us have experienced stomach problems feasting on street food. It is not only hygienic, but consumption of that food with a harsh tinge or chemicals could pose considerable problems. Even fruits that are kept in the open could be a breeding ground for various diseases. Always better to rely on home cooked food during the phase of pregnancy.

    Pay a lot of importance to personal hygiene
    Yes you might be maintaining cleaning routine at a considerable level, but monsoon season is all about infections and germs. Even simple tasks like not washing your hands before eating could lead to germs emerging. In some cases it has an impact on the baby as well. With lower levels of immunity it is easy for the diseases to strike you and for this reason you need a disinfectant with you at all times. At the same time when you fall sick the doctor would not be able to recommend any antibiotics as this could have a negative impact on the baby. So better prevent such infections from striking you.

    Observe the surroundings where you reside
    It is not only about taking care of the premises where you reside, but due attention needs to be given to the surroundings as well. Wash your clothes along with beddings on a regular basis as this could cut shot any chances of germs emerging.

    Mosquitoes could be a menace
    You can count yourself to be among the lucky few who do not have mosquito menace at their home. Their problem tends to intensify during the monsoon months where they create havoc at homes. You can use a mosquito repellent, but do not shy away from the use of a liquidator. For a good night’s sleep you can cover your home with nets. Observe your home along with your surrounding where stagnant water accumulates. These places could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Avoid them emerging in the first place.

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