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    Everything about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

    The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is designed for the people who carry out the role of solutions architect. The examination validates the ability of an examinee to successfully showcase knowledge and understanding about how to design and deploy robust and secure applications on AWS technologies.

    Eligibility Criteria for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

    To stand eligible for this examination a candidate must have:
    ·         Good experience in using networking and database AWS solutions.
    ·      A year of experience in designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient distributed products on AWS.
    ·         Good experience with the AWS management and deployment services.
    ·         The capability of identifying and defining the technical needs of an AWS-based application.
    ·         The capability of identifying which AWS solution best meets a specified technical need.
               Knowledge about the suggested best approaches to developing reliable and secure AWS applications.
    ·         Knowledge about the fundamental architectural principles to develop on AWS Cloud.
    ·         Knowledge about the AWS global infrastructure.
    ·         Knowledge about the network technologies since they are related to AWS.
    ·         Knowledge about the security tools and features that are provided by AWS and as to how they are related to conventional services.

    Sections Included In the Examination

    In the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam, the candidates would be examined on:
    1.      Building a cost-effective, scalable, and fault-tolerant architect. (60 percent).
    2.      Developing a secure VPN, how to make use of the IA Policies (20 percent).
    3.      Implementation and deployment (10 percent).
    4.      Troubleshooting (10 percent).

    A Brief Overview of the Exam

    Here is a brief overview of what you can expect of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.
    ·         The exam paper will have multiple-choice questions.
    ·         The candidates will be given a total of 130 minutes for completing the exam.
    ·         The examination can be availed in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
    ·         The registration fee for the exam is 150 USD.

    How to Prepare for the Exam?

    There are multiple ways in which the candidates can prepare themselves for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam. One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is taking the sample questions from the AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps.  Taking these sample questions will help you in discovering your strengths as well as weaknesses so that you can prepare yourself better.

    The AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps are the representatives of the actual examination and help you in preparing more efficiently and systematically for the examination. Passing the AWS Solutions Architect Associate examination needs hard work coupled with a rigorous revision of the concepts. With the AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps, you can easily recognize the specific areas of this subject which require more work and effectively strengthen them.

    Moreover, this will motivate you for your upcoming examination and give you the confidence to perform effectively, thereby ensuring success at the first go itself. That being said, always keep in mind that taking unnecessary stress and panicking about the exam will do no help. So stay calm and prepare effectively with the AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps.

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