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    How do I Turn Dead Zones into Fun Zones

    Netgear signal boosters (extender) are used to enhance/ boost the internet connection in far corners of your house. Netgear is the most trusted brand in today’s modern world to buy a range extender. When it comes to price, they are not so expensive and don’t ruin or bust your budget. Once the process of Netgear extender setup has done successfully, you will experience that the range of the internet is following you in each and every corner of the house.

    Well, the setup and installation process of a WiFi range extender is the ultimate solution to spread your internet signals to far corners of the house and cover the entire blind spots and dead zones. The internet has become as essential as breathing in today’s scenario. No one can move a single step forward without it. In absence of internet, the configuration task of Netgear WiFi booster can never meet a successful end.

    Give Vision to Blind Spot with Netgear Wireless Range Extenders
    The setup process of Netgear range expander (extender) is meant for helping users to increase the coverage of existing WiFi range. It is the best technology to increase or improve the existing signal strength without making a big hole in your pocket. WiFi range extenders extend the existing internet range in every corner from front door to backyard of your house. Means, users can access a high-speed of internet even in dead zones and blind spots.

    Well, two main methods can be used for setting up a range extender.

    Manual Method and WPS Method

    WPS Method

    If your wireless network supports WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) then follow the steps below to set up your Netgear device making use of the WPS button.

    1. Press and hold the WPS button on the Extender for a couple of seconds. The WPS LED light on front panel of your signal booster will blink.

    2. Now, within a few minutes, press the WPS button on your main wireless router, as well. Wait for at least a few minutes while the range extender connects to your main wireless network.

    3. The WPS LED on your wireless repeater turns to solid green and the 2.4GHz Link Rate LED will light up.

    Note: In case the 2.4GHz link rate LED does not light up, repeat the steps 1 and 2 again. Also, make sure that your main wireless router supports WPS.

    For more tips to setup your range extender via WiFi-Protected Setup, call our technical department on 1-844-689-9966 (toll-free) and ask for Netgear extender support.

    Connect your Range Extender using Manual Method

    This process also has two ways to setup. Please have a look below.

    So, you have a range extender with an Ethernet port then? If yes, then:

    1. Use a laptop or computer to connect to range extender with the help of an Ethernet cable.
    2. Now, for Netgear extender login, you are supposed to login into the web user interface using mywifiext.
    3. After that, you will be prompted to enter default login credentials.
    4. Once you are successfully logged in, go to Setup and then hit on wireless settings option.
    5. Next, you have to check the value in the password (network key or passphrase) field (under Security Options) and proceed forward.
    6. Click on apply and reconnect your WiFi-enabled smart devices to the range extender.

    Note: If the network password is not same as your main WiFi router password then change it as soon as possible to match with router.

    So, you have a range extender without an Ethernet port? If yes, then:

    • Reset your Netgear device back to its default values.
    • For this, you have to press and hold the reset hole for about a few seconds and after that connect via WiFi to your smart WiFi range extender.
    • Login to the web user interface of your Netgear extender using the default IP address of your device of mywifiext.net.
    • Enter default username and password (when prompt).
    • Follow the entire set up wizard to set up your connection to with main WiFi router.
    • Reconnect your smart WiFi devices to your WiFi range extender.

    Note: Do not make use of WPS when you are connecting your Netgear wireless repeater with the main router.

    For help, dial our Netgear helpline number for more Netgear troubleshooting tips.

    We provide constant Netgear support throughout the process of the setup and configuration of Netgear WiFi range extender. We start from finding out the problems, looking for a definite solution, installation and configuration to make your range extender function properly. So, just get connected with us via toll-free number or comment section below and leave the rest on us.

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