• Tuesday 27 November 2018

    Avoid Making These Mistakes if You Are Charged With DUI

    There are some mistakes that cannot be undone. So are the consequences that follow them. Isn’t is better to be aware of such mistakes? Rather than realize them after committing, when the only option we are left with is to regret and not be able to do anything about it.
    If you or any of your closed ones have been charged with a DUI conviction, then here are some mistakes that people commit and themselves make their cases 
    weak. Avoid them at all costs:

    Giving any official statements, lying, saying anything incriminating (like admitting that you have been drinking alcohol), or answering the questions of police officers without your lawyer being present is a mistake you definitely must avoid at all costs. Resist talking too much with them.

    Not hiring an experienced attorney to defend your charges or delaying to hire an attorney could be a fatal mistake. Have an attorney work on your case as soon as possible.

    Failing to appear at your court hearings, being late to them, or even being improperly dressed while your hearings is also a serious mistake you wouldn’t want to make.

    Another big mistake you could make is to assume that you are guilty of your charges. Pleading guilty or accepting a plea bargain without speaking to an attorney just for the sake of getting done with the legal complexities would only invite more trouble.

    Doing a field sobriety test when you know you won’t pass it would be a blunder because it would later be used against you and there aren’t any consequences if you refuse to do this test.

    Relying on the free advice of your friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone other than your lawyer is also a mistake you wouldn’t want to make.
    Trying to convince a prosecutor or talking to him without the presence of your attorney would also be a fault om your part, which could make your case weak.

    Assuming that the police or the arresting officer has made no mistakes is something which every one of us does. But it is very common for them to commit errors, which only a criminal defense attorney can identify and use against them.

    Another major blunder you could commit is to forget your rights, be ignorant of them, or not exercise them. You should also evaluate or challenge potential violations to your constitutional fourth amendment rights in order to protect them.
    Not complying with your state’s laws would be another fault of yours.

    Another instance in which you could go wrong is when you assume that a high BAC level means that the case is undefendable. Get your blood retested by an independent forensic laboratory. Further, preserve all the evidence in your DUI case properly.

    Not understanding the long-term dangers or consequences of a DUI conviction and taking it lightly would be one big mistake you could regret later in your life.

    One more blunder which no one seems to be aware of is to resist an arrest. It is so common to see people resisting their arrest, no one seems to be aware of the fact that resisting an arrest is in itself a charge and can be used against the defendant to show that he or she is guilty of the other charge that he or she is convicted of.

    Allowing the police officer to search your car would be another mistake. Police officers do not have the right to legally search your vehicle unless you allow them to. So, it is better to refuse such searches, which could further land you in more trouble.
    Lastly, save yourself from committing the big blunder of driving even after your license has been revoked.

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