• Friday 5 October 2018

    Types of protein powders and their uses in different condition

    The condition of diabetes
    Blood sugar is one of the greatest problem in this decade. About in almost every household this problem has become very much common trait. Blood sugar is the disease which is the cause of a very common disease called as diabetes. It is a condition where the sugar or glucose to be precise remains in the blood without getting used up. So as the level of the glucose increases in the blood the symptoms of the diabetes starts appearing and the most common being the frequent urination and also weakness. Sugar or glucose is an important element for the working of the body. It is a form of a carbohydrate that helps in the metabolism process. This metabolism process using the glucose molecule derived from the common sugar undergoes several pathways which produces ATP or adenosine Tri-phosphate a biochemical compound that is responsible for providing energy to the body. This compound activates the mitochondria which is actually called as the powerhouse of the cell. Thus in a series of cascade reaction they provide energy as well as essential nutrients to the cells of the body so that they will be able work properly. Thus in a way diabetes will also affect the growth of the body also. However there is a good alternative to it also. Sugar free protein powders are readily available in the market which helps regaining the strength and the muscles of the body.

    A good heath
    A good body is very much wanted by each and everybody. It is not only that a good body only enables a person to look good among other. Apart from that it also helps the mind to be fir and also the internal functions of the body in a proper way. There is a system called metabolism that is happening in out within each and every day. Metabolism is the most important of all processes as it the only function which utilizes the food materials to produce energy in the body. They take out all the nutritional elements present in the food material and put those element in different pathways to produce different essential biomolecules and cofactor. These biomolecules and the cofactor are very much behind the most of the functions that is carried in the human body. Thus lack of protein in the diet will cause a lot of void in many production of many important biochemical molecules thus causing a lot of deficiency syndrome leading to diseases like the anemia.

    The source of protein
    Food and the diet is the best source of all the essential as well as few non-essential protein molecules present. Although sometime for some reason the body needs special proteins. In those case protein supplements are used.

    The whey protein
    In the market best whey portion powder is very much found. These protein helps in the gaining of the muscle which is required by the sports person mainly or body builders.

    Following the rules
    Although before using these supplement its rules and regulation should be followed properly as excessive protein again will cause diseases and problems.

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