• Wednesday 17 October 2018

    Some Quick Tips for IIT JEE Mains Aspirants

    IIT JEE is just a test and you need not to stress out. If you have knowledge, understanding and capability; you can easily crack the test with flying colours. To score good at this test is not difficult if you are determined.

    Of course it is one of the most challenging entrance tests in India to get admission in the top or best engineering institutes in the country.  But it does not mean that you cannot crack this test. You can perform really well if you study well. You can always take assistance of online preparation for IIT JEE mains or other means to make your preparation strong and more effective. Whether you join a class or not depends totally on an individual. However, following are a few tips to help you prepare for IIT JEE test. 

    Know yourself 
    It is absolutely vital to know where you stand. Once you have started preparation, it will merely take three months to get to know yourself.  No matter how good or how average you are; you have to know it right in the beginning.  Once you start your preparation, within a week or so try to assess yourself. Try to take some practice tests not to judge yourself but to have an idea about where you stand. You cannot make an effective study plan unless you know about your capabilities. Once you know how effective you are at different concepts, you can prepare accordingly. The key to get started on an effective note would to know you.

    Once you know that you lack at this or you are really good at maths, you can accordingly finger out your schedule. You can give more time to concepts that demand your attention and make your preparation more effective. What is the point if you end up working on only those areas wherein you are already strong? So, the thing is to maintain a balance between where you lack and what your strong points are. In this way you would be able to do justification with all the segments of preparation.

    A strong study plan 
    It is equally important to have a study plan.  If you have been studying without a plan, you might be on a wrong track. Studying is effective only if you are doing it within a plan. And remember, there is no need to keep any type of backlogs. If you know that you are weak at a specific area like in Chemistry, make sure that you give much time to it.  If you are simply delaying it then you are on the wrong track.  When you have study plans, you never miss out on anything. You prepare in a discipline manner and hence nothing gets skipped.

    Finally, when you prepare for Iit JEE, make sure you do revision too. You cannot simply shuttle between preparing and tests; you have to give some slots for your revision too. If not possible daily then at least pay some time on weekends for revision. Even if you have joined JEE main preparation online, you have to keep hold of your revision for better preparation.

    So, you are all set to crack IIT JEE mains once you have taken into consideration all these above given points.

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